Additional use cases

Online whiteboard software

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working individually or as part of a team—an online whiteboard can help you jot down and organize your ideas faster.

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Brainstorming tools

Brainstorming software allows your team to work virtually and in real-time together. Lucidspark's brainstorming tools and infinite canvas help keep the ideas flowing and your work space organized.

User story mapping tool

With the help of a user story mapping tool, you and your team can define your customer and visualize their needs as your product and development teams work to develop or improve your customer experience.

Stakeholder mapping tool

Using a stakeholder mapping tool, you can easily visualize who will impact, and who is impacted, by your project to help your team communicate with the appropriate people.

Online retrospective tool

An online sprint retrospective board can help you and your team visualize problems that need addressing, as well as gain insight on what’s working well. Gather feedback to improve processes and help your team stay aligned on goals.

Strategic planning tool

A strategic planning tool can help you analyze your mission and make sure your strategy supports it. Visually craft your plan as you call out strategic issues, identify strengths and weaknesses, and predict setbacks with strategic planning software.

Product roadmapping software

A product roadmap shows how a product or solution will evolve over time. Easily visualize, plan, and communicate your product strategy, so you and your team stay aligned on key decisions.

Online sticky notes

With digital post-it notes in Lucidspark, you can easily generate and share ideas using an infinite canvas that works across any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Mind mapping software

A mind map is ideal for breaking large concepts into specific ideas and uncovering new ways of thinking. Our mind map maker offers an unlimited canvas for you and your collaborators to work on unlimited ideas at once.

Workflow diagram software

Give your team a crystal-clear picture of your workflow with infinite room to ideate, create, and collaborate on your workflow online.

Sprint planning software

Use an online sprint planning tool to keep information all in one location and stay updated on weekly progress through better organization of your backlog, measuring user stories, and assigning user stories for the week.

Concept map maker

Create a concept map online with Lucidspark to guide your meetings and brainstorming sessions, enhance your team’s creativity, and make sure all of your collaborators understand where your ideas are headed.

Business model canvas online

Build your business strategy canvas online from the ground up—use features like sticky notes, links, images, and freehand drawing to capture every detail of your strategy.

Scrum board online

Scrum project management depends on effective communication. Our infinite workspace helps you manage tasks, run sprint meetings with remote or in-office teams, and track your progress—all in one easy-to-access location.

Kanban board online

In Lucidspark, you can easily share your digital kanban board to give each team member the chance to contribute their ideas and change the status of their tasks.

Affinity diagram online

Turn the thoughts, ideas, and data from your brainstorming session and categorize them for actionable takeaways with an affinity diagram online. Gain new insights from your information by finding new ways to group and analyze ideas.

Empathy map online

Document customer behaviors through empathy mapping so you and your team can identify user pain points, build consensus on customer needs and work towards solutions.

SWOT analysis generator

Using a SWOT analysis chart, you and your team can evaluate each strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat that might affect your organization. Visualize your analysis to improve business operations, brainstorm strategic decisions, and plan out strategy.

Online timeline maker

Lucidspark timeline helps teams plan business goals, detail new processes, and think through their next steps in a project. With flexible date ranges and time units, teams can customize timelines to fit their needs.

Compare Miro vs Lucidspark

As an online whiteboard, Miro focuses on getting ideas out onto the page. Lucidspark helps you act on them. With Lucidspark, your team can more easily work together to surface the best ideas, synthesize your findings, and take action.

Compare Mural vs. Lucidspark

Mural may work for your team when you need to brainstorm, but it’s no match for Lucidspark when you’re ready to convert ideas, meeting notes, and plans into effective action items.

Compare Whimsical vs. Lucidspark

Whimsical offers bare-bones functionality for creating visuals, while Lucidspark helps your team effectively ideate, create, and act in one collaborative platform. With an infinite canvas and freehand drawing, Lucidspark lets you create whatever you want—unleash your creativity as you generate and record ideas. 

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