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Make your time together count. Use Lucidspark to capture your team’s best ideas, get aligned on priorities, and move seamlessly from ideation to action.

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Use our visual canvas to get attendees on the same page, then use Facilitator Tools to keep them engaged.

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The perfect toolkit for meeting facilitation

A conceptual image showing various Lucidspark features such as Visual Activities and Frames with sticky notes

Start with better meeting prep

Create a visual agenda to give attendees context about meeting objectives and frameworks. Provide space for anyone who wants to add ideas or questions ahead of time.

A conceptual image showing Visual Activities and commenting in Lucidspark

Create engaging, interactive experiences

Boost participation with icebreakers and Visual Activities. Use private participant mode and Breakout Boards to draw out quieter team members and divergent thinkers.

A conceptual image showing Facilitator Tools and project planning features in Lucidspark

Guide discussion and decision-making

Use the laser pointer to keep attendees focused on the most important information. Provide templates or activities to help participants organize, categorize, and prioritize ideas.

A conceptual image showing various Lucidspark features such as Dynamic Tables and Visual Activities

Make follow-up easy

Document individual contributions and group decisions as you meet. Then create action items, make assignments, and track progress—all within a centralized Lucidspark board.

Facilitation features in Lucidspark


Laser pointer

Breakout Boards

Frames and Paths

Presentation Mode

Collaborator Colors


Share real-time updates and announcements on your Lucidspark board with every attendee in your session.

Laser pointer

Freehand draw using the laser pointer to keep attendees focused on a specific section of the Lucidspark board.

Breakout Boards

Create Breakout Boards to divide a large group into smaller groups for activities or discussions.

Frames and Paths

Use Frames to draw attention to content on a board, and create Paths to guide collaborators through Frames.

Presentation Mode

Transform your Lucidspark board into a slide presentation that you can share or export to Google Sheets or PDF.

Collaborator Colors

Assign each collaborator a color and use the show authors option to see who added or edited each sticky note.

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Get aligned with Visual Activities

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Facilitate more productive meetings with Lucidspark

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