Inspire more effective brainstorming

Boost creativity and make ideas actionable. Use Lucidspark to bring your team together in real time or anytime on an infinite canvas.

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Go beyond list-making with a virtual whiteboard and collaborative tools that help put your ideas in context.

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The perfect toolkit for brainstorming

A conceptual image showing various Lucidspark features, such as Frames, Visual Activities, project timelines, and the timer

Get into a creative flow

Foster creativity by minimizing distractions. Share a whiteboard, set a timer, and allow participants to quickly add ideas using sticky notes, images, and more.

A conceptual image showing Collaborative AI being used to generate ideas from a prompt on a Lucidspark board

Leverage the power of AI

Don’t get stuck before you get started. Use Collaborative AI to kick off your brainstorming session, explore new directions, and summarize conclusions and action items.

A conceptual image showing Frames and Containers organizing content in Lucidspark

Structure ideas for clarity

Add shapes, lines, Frames, and Containers to visually organize and connect topics. Increase your team’s shared understanding by breaking down complex concepts.

A conceptual image showing an icebreaker created using Visual Activities in Lucidspark

Build connections

Start your brainstorming session with an icebreaker. Create an environment that encourages idea sharing, team-wide participation, and engagement.

A conceptual image showing sticky notes, emojis, freehand drawing, and collaborator cursors on a Lucidspark board

Brainstorm in real time or anytime

Easily facilitate a synchronous, virtual brainstorming session for your dispersed team, or give participants the flexibility to add ideas and give feedback asynchronously.

Brainstorming features in Lucidspark

Collaborative AI

Dynamic mind maps


Comment, chat, react

Visual Activities

Collaborative AI

Generate ideas, uncover and sort key themes, and rapidly summarize your brainstorming session.

Dynamic mind maps

Take a more organized, efficient approach to visualizing and connecting your thoughts.


Kick off your brainstorm faster with templates designed to boost innovation and collaboration.

Comment, chat, react

Make it easy for the whole team to collaborate and communicate about ideas surfaced on your whiteboard.

Visual Activities

Empower informed decision-making with interactive activities that make feedback actionable.

Additional resources

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Set your team up for success by running better hybrid meetings.

Inspire more effective brainstorming with Lucidspark

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