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A nimble space to brainstorm

Capture and share your ideas on a digital canvas that has all the flexibility you need.

Real-Time Collaboration with Lucidspark
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Collaboration done right

Toss ideas around, build off each other’s thoughts, and share feedback to create the best ideas.

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Act while the ideas are hot

Turn your ideas into a collection of clear, actionable next steps, to build momentum and keep things moving.

Lucidspark for Enterprise

Connect your people, keep sensitive data safe, and scale to meet your business needs.

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Part of the Lucid visual collaboration suite
Part of the Lucid visual collaboration suite

Turn the promising ideas you created in Lucidspark into reality with workflows and process documents built in Lucidchart.

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Lucidspark Integrations

Works with products you’re already using for seamless communication and enhanced visibility.

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A top pick for remote teams

See why G2 named us one of the top 50 products for remote work.

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Bring your bright ideas to life.

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