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users brainstorming in Lucidspark while on a Zoom video call
Zoom logo

Hold dynamic working sessions with your team when you use the Lucidspark app for Zoom. Create and share boards, work in Zoom’s breakout rooms, and organize your brainstorm to take actionable next steps.

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receiving Lucidspark notifications in Slack
Slack Logo

Share ideas, collaborate in real time, and move from insights to action with Lucidspark's Slack integration.

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creating a new Azure DevOps work item
Azure DevOps Cloud logo

Merge Agile planning with visual collaboration using Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud. Convert brainstorming sessions into Azure DevOps work items and visualize your roadmap in a flexible visual workspace that makes it easy to keep teams aligned.

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users brainstorming with Lucidspark while using Microsoft Teams
MS Teams Logo

Brainstorm and collaborate on our virtual whiteboard right in Microsoft Teams. Add a Lucidspark board as a tab in your team channel—with the embedded editor, anyone in the channel can edit or comment on your board without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

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users planning visually using Lucid Cards for Jira

Plan your work visually, identify potential roadblocks, and see the big picture using Lucid Cards for Jira. Import issues from Jira, or brainstorm ideas with sticky notes in Lucidspark, then transform them into Jira issues.

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a team uses Lucidspark while on a Webex video call

Collaborate, brainstorm and bring your best ideas to life on Lucidspark’s infinite virtual canvas, all within your Webex video call. Supercharge the way your hybrid team gets work done by allowing them to nimbly plan, ideate, document and decide next steps without ever having to leave Webex.

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user ready to record a video of themselves with the Lucidspark CloudApp integration

Record, insert, and play videos in your Lucidspark boards. Provide context and direction to your team during asynchronous collaboration.

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user beginning to record a video of themselves with the Lucidspark Loom integration

Easily record your screen or camera. Then embed the recording directly into your Lucidspark boards to give asynchronous collaborators additional context.

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adding Lucidspark shapes to Smartsheet and editing Smartsheet cards in Lucidspark

Collaborate on our virtual whiteboard and turn ideas into tasks and deliverables for upcoming projects. Easily convert Lucidspark shapes into rows on existing Smartsheets or import tasks from Smartsheet to Lucidspark. Keep fields in both Lucidspark and Smartsheet updated with a bidirectional sync.

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Make information accessible where teams work by adding Lucidspark boards to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. With convenient access to key Lucidspark boards, it’s easy to keep team members aligned and collaborating.

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Google Drive logo

Create, share, and manage all of your Lucidspark boards from Google Drive. Boards are automatically synced with Google Drive so you never lose your hard work.

Confluence logo

Ideate, brainstorm, and plan visually in Confluence through embedded Lucidspark boards. This integration brings the benefits and features of visual collaboration right to your Confluence page.

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Lucidchart logo

Combine the power of brainstorming and diagramming to turn your ideas into actionable workflows. Export your Lucidspark boards directly into Lucidchart to get started.

Share information and ideas in context by embedding Lucidspark boards into Notion. Promote continuous collaboration and alignment by making it easy for teams to find the documents they need.

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Incorporate Lucidspark into your Google workflow by adding a board to your calendar invites so recipients can access collaboration at the click of a button.

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Build a single source truth by embedding links from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Workspace, and Figma directly into your Lucidspark boards. With important context captured in one shared space, you can keep your team aligned with up-to-date information throughout the course of a project.

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Import Asana tasks into Lucidspark as Lucid Cards, or ideate and brainstorm with your team, then put those ideas into action by pushing tasks directly into Asana.

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Import spreadsheet rows from Google Sheets as Lucid Cards. Then brainstorm visually, organize action items, and work collaboratively in a flexible canvas.

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Collaborate on projects synchronously and asynchronously, increase alignment, and identify next steps by embedding Lucid documents in SharePoint. Provide visual resources to help teams brainstorm, communicate objectives, and assign responsibilities.

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Import items into Lucidspark to visualize projects, vote on priorities as a team, and brainstorm in a free-form canvas.

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Import Airtable records as Lucid Cards and see all the details for that record at the click of a button. Collaborate and brainstorm with your team in a free-form canvas to prioritize records, sort and tag projects, and more.

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Visualize your Trello projects in Lucidspark. Then collaborate with your team to prioritize tasks, vote on the most important cards, sort and tag projects, and more.

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Import ClickUp tasks as Lucid Cards to visualize your projects in an unlimited canvas where you can collaborate, brainstorm, and prioritize with your team.

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Seamlessly switch into diagramming

Time to formalize plans, implement, and track progress. Export your Lucidspark boards into Lucidchart to create more polished documentation that teams can reference and widely share.

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