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Are you a student or teacher? Level up your online whiteboarding game with a free Lucidspark account. Sign up with your school email address and watch your ideas multiply.

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Online whiteboard

Try a virtual whiteboard built for online and in-person learning

The whiteboard has been at the center of the classroom for decades—for good reason. It’s a convenient collaboration space where students and teachers can share ideas and organize thoughts. With Lucidspark, students and teachers can whiteboard together in real time from any location. Think of it as an infinite canvas for all of your learning experiences.

Make it easy for everyone to participate

With Lucidspark, contributing to group learning is simple and engaging for even the most reluctant students. Participation isn’t as overwhelming when you can share your ideas as digital sticky notes and leave fun emoji reactions as peer feedback. Plus, teachers can quickly review the shared board and verify that each student contributed. Looking for a complete learner's journey? See how Lucidspark fits within the Lucid for Education Learning Suite.

K-12 Learning Suite

Bring a critical eye to problem solving

Lucidspark is a visual workspace where students can make connections between topics and evaluate their reasoning. Working together in real time or asynchronously, in a group or on their own, students can explore ideas and prepare to defend their conclusions and methodology to the class.

Examine ideas from a creative point of view

Bring an innovative approach to problem solving and guide learners as they explore new solutions. Tap into the flexibility of Lucidspark to encourage creative thinking across the curriculum. Trying to bring more active learning into your teaching? See how Lucid can assist your students in their learning journey in and out of the classroom.

Higher Education Learning Suite

More ways to make Lucidspark work for you

Ideation & brainstorming

Capture that next big idea with the help of sticky notes, freehand drawing tools, and an infinite canvas.

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Organization & evaluation

Transform ideas into strategy by tagging and grouping items, sharing key feedback, and creating presentation-ready docs.

Strategic analysis

Seamlessly shift from ideation to action with everything you need to host effective remote strategy sessions and determine next steps.

Customer experience

Collaborate throughout the user research process by collecting, visualizing, and sharing your insights across teams.

Agile & project planning

Keep your teams aligned during standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives to drive project progress.

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