Collaborative innovation, no strings attached

Host dynamic brainstorming sessions on an intuitive canvas. Collect ideas, organize thoughts, and pick the best course of action to keep your project moving forward. Then take the next step and turn insights into action.

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Collaborative innovation, no strings attached

An active brainstorming session is depicted on a Lucidspark board in a series of rapid half-second shots: Someone circles an idea from a group within a container; someone else moves an idea to a different section; a sticky note is moved onto a card; a messy grouping of items are resorted by color. The Lucidspark logo is briefly shown in a full-screen title card, then more rapid shots: Someone drags a sticky note from the tool bar side panel into a new clean Lucidspark board; they share the board and invite three additional teammates who join; each teammate starts dragging even more sticky notes to the board; bold full screen text says “Get the team together virtually”; one of the teammates calls the rest of the team to her spot on the board; a teammate starts a voting session during a sprint planning meeting, and the timer is shown counting down; the votes are shown tabulating on sticky notes and in the voting panel; bold full screen text says “Freestyle brainstorm”; a teammate adds new sticky notes quickly by typing directly in the sticky note panel; an item is crossed off an agenda; a heart emoji reaction is left on a sticky note; bold full screen text says “Make ideas make sense”; a teammate is shown tagging a series of sticky notes and sorting them by tags; bold full screen text says “Move ideas forward. Make ideas happen.” And finally, the Lucidspark logo and tagline “Where ideas ignite” appear as an end title card.

Welcome to freestyle brainstorming

Capture team insights with sticky notes, freehand drawing, and color-coded cursors, shapes, and lines for each collaborator. Work together on an infinite canvas that expands to hold even the biggest ideas.

Collaboration just got a major upgrade

Share your ideas with your team in a visual workspace built for inspiration. Hop into Breakout Boards and swap feedback in the chat. You bring the vision, we’ll bring the sticky notes, emojis, and a handy built-in timer. P.S. Lucidspark makes facilitating meetings a breeze.

Launch ideas into action

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Take your scribbles and sticky notes and transform them into next steps by voting on ideas, grouping insights by themes and trends, and crafting workflows and project documentation.

Brainstorm better with Collaborative AI

Kick off any brainstorming session with an AI prompt to generate, sort, and summarize ideas. Increase the quality and diversity of your team’s ideas. Get more done without doing more work.

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Manage the creative chaos

What do you get when you merge freeform thinking with practical structure? The ideal environment for innovation. Lucidspark gives you the space to imagine and the tools to focus.

Breakout Boards

Improve collaboration sessions by splitting up into smaller groups to work on Breakout Boards. When you’re done, present your work to the larger group and automatically sync it all back to the main board.


Grab everyone’s attention and drive focus by incorporating timeboxing activities. The built-in timer shows the countdown on everyone’s screens so you can keep things moving.

Call others to me

A simple way to get everyone to the same spot on your board. No more worrying that someone on your team is lost on the page.


Easily tally votes on ideas, visualize the results, and group ideas by number of votes. It’s a quick way to highlight trends and pinpoint the ideas with the most potential.

Gather and Sort

Work together to tag ideas by priority, potential, or lift. From there, automatically organize everyone’s ideas with Gather and Sort features to make sense of it all.

Dynamic Table

Derive meaning and insights by using a Dynamic Table to visually organize shapes, sticky notes, and Lucid Cards. Give structure to your ideas and plans so you can take action faster.

Get a head start with templates

Templates are a simple way to dive right in and get to work. Our template library is packed with intuitive frameworks for everything from user journey mapping to sprint planning. We’ve partnered with industry-leading experts to make sure our templates are just what you need.

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Integrations to streamline your workflow

Lucidspark plays well with other apps you’re already using. Boost productivity by connecting your innovation canvas to Slack, MS Teams, Jira, and, of course, Lucidchart.

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More ways to make Lucidspark work for you

Ideation & brainstorming

Capture that next big idea with the help of sticky notes, freehand drawing tools, and an infinite canvas.

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Teamwork & collaboration

Get the most out of collaborative work sessions with in-product chat, voting, and timers that help keep everyone engaged and on-task.

Organization & evaluation

Transform ideas into strategy by tagging and grouping items, sharing key feedback, and creating presentation-ready docs.

Customer experience

Collaborate throughout the user research process by collecting, visualizing, and sharing your insights across teams.

Strategic analysis

Seamlessly shift from ideation to action with everything you need to host effective remote strategy sessions and determine next steps.

Agile & project planning

Keep your team aligned during standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives to drive project progress.

Bring your bright ideas to life.

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