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Deliver a flawless customer experience with an online empathy map

  • empathy mapping

    Explore every pain point, thought, and feeling

    Make sure that your customers have a positive experience with your business, product, or service. Empathy mapping starts with four quadrants outlining what your customer says, thinks, does, and feels. By documenting customer behaviors, you and your team can identify user pain points, build consensus on customer needs, and work towards solutions. Use Lucidspark to help your team visualize where your customer is coming from and stay aligned on what you need to do to improve.

  • empathy mapping example

    Start empathy mapping instantly

    Begin your empathy map online from scratch or by dragging out an empathy map template onto your Lucidspark board. With infinite space to fill with your insights and findings, your board can house all the information your team needs and more. Add freehand drawings, images, sticky notes, and even additional customer insight templates—such as a customer journey map—to continue building out the best experience possible for your user. 

  • Lucidspark collaboration

    Collaborate easily with empathy mapping software

    Make sure your entire team is aligned on your customer’s experience by sharing insights and feedback in real time. Use comments, @mentions, live voting, and in-product chat to communicate with your team and identify what improvements you want to tackle as you move forward. Set each collaborator’s updates apart with Collaborator Colors, or follow individual collaborators to stay updated on their edits. Our empathy map tool updates all of your contributions instantly, so you’re never behind, no matter where you’re working from. 

  • Lucidspark integrations

    Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations

    Stay connected to the apps your team loves by integrating your empathy map with today’s most powerful platforms. Export your online empathy map to Google Drive to make it even easier to access, edit, and share your findings. Your work stays synced automatically, so you’ll never lose it. Insert your diagram into your team Slack channel, where you can jump-start your next brainstorming session. Export your work to and from Lucidchart to use Lucid’s entire suite of creative and collaborative solutions.

How to create an empathy map in Lucidspark in 5 steps


Compile your research

Get together all the relevant research data you have on your customers. This could include interviews, survey data, or customer journey maps.


Start empathy mapping

Begin your visual with an empathy map template---or add four containers to your board and label them “Says,” “Thinks,” “Does,” and “Feels.”


Address customer pains and gains

Add two sections for customer pain points (a.k.a. problems they want solved) and customer gains, or possible solutions to these problems.


List questions and brainstorm answers

Make a list of specific questions for each section of your empathy map. Brainstorm ideas for each section of your map together with your team.


Finalize and share your empathy map

Review the final version of your map and have your participants add their two cents on the experience. Ask them if it changed their view of your business, product, or service.

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