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business model canvas

Define your strategy with an online business model canvas

  • business model canvas creator

    Visualize and communicate each aspect of your business strategy

    Use your online business model canvas to clarify how each segment of your business strategy is related and how it affects your strategy as a whole. Break down your business strategy into the processes, tasks, and groups that matter most with a customized business model canvas. With Lucidspark as your centralized source of information, you can make sure your entire organization stays aligned on key partners, key resources, value propositions, cost structure, and other factors.

  • business model canvas tool

    Start from scratch or customize a template

    Lucidspark lets you tailor your experience to your team’s needs from the moment you open your canvas. Build your business strategy canvas online from the ground up—use features like sticky notes, links, images, and freehand drawing to capture every detail of your strategy. For a more structured approach, choose a Lucidspark template, complete with all the nine segments that make up the building blocks of your business. Fill in each segment as you go for a comprehensive look into your business.

  • business model canvas template

    Collaborate in real time with our business model canvas tool

    Employees at every level of your organization can use your business model canvas to get on the same page. Use our business model canvas creator to collaborate on your board in real time with features like comments, @mentions, and in-product chat. Each update appears on your board instantly, so you can share ideas and act on feedback as soon as it’s added. Easily share your board via email or published link to make sure your entire organization is aligned with your vision for the business.

  • Lucidspark integrations

    Integrate your board with platforms you use every day

    Our business model canvas online tool lets you integrate your visuals into the most dynamic workplace apps for easier access and greater sharing power. Integrate your business model canvas with apps like Google Drive and include other documentation to make your plans transparent. Insert your canvas directly into your Slack channel to make sure your team can access and edit your visuals. Export your board to Lucidchart to create a polished version of your canvas and then start taking action.


Get started with a template or blank canvas

Start with a business model canvas template or open a blank Lucidspark board to create your own.


Add text or sticky notes

Start building out your business strategy by filling out each section using text, sticky notes, links to examples, images, and other important resources.


Share your board with collaborators

Share your board with your team to take advantage of new ideas and perspectives in real time. Collaborator Colors will help clarify where ideas are coming from.


Get feedback to zero in on your best ideas

Collaborators can use comments, @mentions, and emoji reactions to highlight your best ideas and provide feedback on your business model canvas online.


Use Lucidchart to take your business model canvas to the next level

Once you have a final version of your business model canvas, export your board to Lucidchart to make a shareable visual for your entire organization.

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business model canvas template

Business model canvas

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