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Create a tailored Scrum board to plan, execute, and track projects

  • Manage any process or project visually

    Manage any process or project visually

    Lucidspark gives you and your Scrum team a better agile experience. Our infinite workspace and creative tools help you manage tasks, run sprint meetings with remote or in-office teams, and track your progress—all in one easy-to-access location. Use Lucidspark to organize and share your online Scrum board, so you can make sure your team is up to speed on every detail of your project.

  • Collaborate effortlessly and organically on your Scrum board

    Collaborate effortlessly and organically on your Scrum board

    Scrum project management depends on effective communication. With @mention comments, in-editor chat, and emoji reactions, your entire team can contribute ideas and feedback while staying on top of project needs. Keep track of collaborators by color or follow individual collaborators to see their latest edits. Every contribution to your Scrum board is updated in real time, so you can reap the benefits of in-person collaboration, even when you’re working remotely. 

  • Organize tasks and sprints with engaging visuals

    Organize tasks and sprints with engaging visuals

    Lucidspark makes it easy to manage team boards and update statuses to keep your team informed throughout your sprint. Organize your team’s activities using assisted grouping and tags, plus containers that act as easy-to-read progress lanes. Build your Scrum task board from scratch or use our Scrum board diagram template to get your project off the ground quickly. You can even build your own templates, creating uniform project management visuals that match your team’s work style.

  • Integrate your Scrum board online using your team’s favorite platforms

    Integrate your Scrum board online using your team’s favorite platforms

    Our powerful integrations help you and your team work effectively using the platforms you already use every day. Collaborators can use apps like Google Drive and Slack to update tasks, add insights, and share your board. Use our Lucidspark app for Zoom for focused working sessions where you can add to your board and brainstorm together with your team. When you’re ready for polished deliverables, export your Scrum board to Lucidchart to take advantage of a wider range of creative tools. 

5 reasons to use Lucidspark to create your Scrum board


Brainstorm using Lucidspark

Get your project off the ground with a quick Lucidspark brainstorming session where you can prioritize your project’s requirements and tasks.


Use Scrum board templates to organize your project

Add a digital Scrum board template to your workspace and give your team a place to track tasks. You can also add containers for task status, task owner, and user story.


Add sticky notes with tasks

Record each task on an individual sticky note, and then add each task to your product backlog for your team to get started.


Organize and assign your tasks

Use color coding or tags to visually assign your tasks or group them according to their current status.


Update your tasks as you go

Team members can drag tasks into the correct progress column or use tags to group them by status. Reference your board for sprint planning and daily standups to track progress.

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