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Sprint retrospective tools

Improve your sprints with our sprint retrospective tools

  • Sprint retrospective meeting

    Run effective sprint retrospective meetings

    A retrospective meeting with your team members can help you gather the positive and critical feedback you need to improve processes and plan next steps. An online sprint retrospective can help you and your team visualize problems that need addressing, as well as what’s working well. Lucidspark can help your team keep ideas organized and ready to implement in future projects. More importantly, our online retrospective board can help your team stay aligned on key ideas and goals. 

  • Online retrospective board

    Start and manage your sprint retrospective remotely

    Use our sprint retrospective tools to get all of the benefits of an in-person meeting, even when you’re working remotely. Our virtual whiteboard and creative tools are ideal for remote teams who want to get every team member engaged with optimizing their Agile processes. Get started on your retrospective by adding containers to your board or customizing one of our retrospective templates. With an infinite workspace at your team’s disposal, you can fit all your ideas, goals, and feedback in one central location.

  • Agile retrospective tools

    Collaborate with anyone, from anywhere

    Make your online retrospective board a place where users are free to speak up about what is and isn’t working with your project. With features like comments, @mentions, and in-product chat, you can make sure that everyone’s input is collected, organized, and acknowledged before moving forward. Color-code contributions by collaborator or follow individual collaborators to see who has added what to your board. Lucidspark updates every edit in real time, so you and your team never miss a beat.

  • Online sprint retrospective

    Manage your sprint tasks and progress effortlessly

    Lucidspark lets you manage every aspect of your team sprint, from the moment you assign tasks to project completion. Organize your online sprint retrospective with tools like assisted grouping, tags, and custom templates to create a consistent experience for your team. Create progress lanes with easy-to-use containers, so you track and manage statuses within your board. With your online retrospective board as a single source of truth for your entire team, you can make sure everyone is up to speed on tasks, statuses, and project progress.

  • Lucidspark integrations

    Integrate your work across today’s most popular platforms

    Integrate your Lucidspark board across the apps your team uses every day to seamlessly incorporate your online retrospective board into your workflow. Insert your board into your team’s Slack channel and give them access to leave comments and make edits. Export your board to Google Drive, where all of your work, including feedback, will be securely synced. Lucidspark’s sprint retrospective tools are also completely integrated with Lucidchart, so you can incorporate the ideas from your retrospective into your processes or other polished deliverables.

How to create a sprint retrospective in 5 steps


Start your online retrospective board

Start your Lucidspark sprint retrospective with a blank board or use a template based on a specific type of retrospective.


Set the stage for open communication

As you begin your retrospective, remind your team that your goal is to find ways to continuously improve your current process.


Ask for feedback based on the 4 L’s or another prompt

Each team member can use sticky notes to add feedback based on what they liked, learned, lacked, and longed for throughout the project.


Open the floor for discussion

As a team, discuss what went well and what could be improved with the Agile process. Call out specific action items that need to be improved.


Create an action plan

End your meeting by creating a specific action plan for improving individual steps within your project or progress.

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