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Visualize impact and influence with our stakeholder map tool

  • Identify and prioritize your project stakeholders

    Focus your team’s time on the stakeholders with the most interest and influence on your project. Using our stakeholder mapping tool, you can easily visualize who will impact, and who is impacted, by your project to help your team communicate with the appropriate people. Demonstrate which stakeholders you need to manage closely versus the stakeholders who require periodic updates. With a clear map of influence, your team can stay aligned on communication strategies throughout your project. 

  • Start with a template and customize

    Simplify the process of stakeholder mapping by customizing a stakeholder map template or building one from scratch. Our stakeholder map tool comes complete with the tools you need to get your ideas on the board, like sticky notes, images, freehand drawing, and Magic Shape. With an infinite canvas and the ability to link to important outside sources, you can make your map the go-to source for direction on your project.

  • Collaborate in real time with anyone, anywhere

    Stakeholder maps are most effective when your entire team has access to them. Lucidspark was built to support real-time collaboration across devices and operating systems, so your team can work together, even when you’re not. Share your board with collaborators via email, Slack, or published link, complete with customizable editing permissions. Add ideas and insights with easy-to-use comments, @mentions, and even in-product chat. Every update is visible in real time and color-coded by collaborator for increased visibility.

  • Connect our stakeholder mapping software with your favorite apps

    Once you’ve finalized your work in our stakeholder map creator, integrate with your favorite apps for easy access, editing, and sharing. Export your stakeholder map to Google Drive, where your work will be automatically synced and stored. Insert your map directly into your team Slack channel or Lucidspark Zoom app to incorporate your visuals into any brainstorming session. Lucidspark is completely integrated with Lucidchart, so you can export your work back and forth depending where you are in the process.

How to create an online stakeholder map in 5 steps

  1. Start with a template

    Begin by dragging and dropping a stakeholder map template to your Lucidspark board, and then share your board with your team members.

  2. Brainstorm with your team

    Identify all of your potential stakeholders. Record everyone who is affected by your project, as well as everyone actively working on it.

  3. Prioritize your stakeholders

    Add each of your stakeholders to your online empathy map according to their authority and interest in the project.

  4. Visualize your value exchange

    Sketch out the value exchange between stakeholders. Indicate who provides resources, who provides money, who provides time, and more.

  5. Determine stakeholder interactions

    Identify where stakeholders fall on the map and how you should interact with each. Label stakeholders based on who you need to manage closely, keep satisfied, keep informed, and monitor.

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Frequently asked questions about our stakeholder mapping software

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A demo of a sample Lucidspark brainstorming board is shown, with lots of active participation from the four participants across the entire board. Next, a rapid series of close ups demonstrating some Lucidspark features: Writing on a sticky note, drawing a circle around an idea, starting a 30-second timer, crossing an item off an agenda, adding emoji reactions to a sticky note, and sharing a board with collaborators in the share settings. The video then continues to demo features in line with the narrator's audio for the remainder of the video. The video ends with the Lucidspark logo and tagline Where ideas ignite.

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