Customer experience

Learn how to collect, visualize, and share insights with your team to boost your customer's experience.

  • Customer journey mapping in Lucidspark (includes a free course!)

    Access the entire course in Lucid Training Labs to view tools that will help you master customer journey mapping.


    • Customer experience
  • Everything you need to know about value propositions

    A value proposition is a fundamental element of effective marketing. This article explores how to create one and provides a free template to get started!

  • 10 templates to help your team create an innovation repository

    Learn how to build an innovation repository, and explore 10 templates for documenting how your business brings ideas to life from ideation and planning to building and launch.

  • 8 steps in the event storming process

    In this blog post, we will explain what event storming is, and the steps in the event storming process.

  • How to create a more customer-centric culture

    In this article, we will explain what customer centricity is and how to integrate this mindset into your company culture.  

  • Customer journey maps and IT

    In this article we will discuss IT’s role in helping your company leverage existing and emerging technologies so you can more effectively map your customer journeys and create rich and meaningful customer experiences.   

  • Pitfalls of Design Thinking (and how to overcome them)

    In this article, we will give our recommendations for how to harness the tremendous power of design thinking while deftly avoiding its pitfalls.  

  • What are wireframes?

    A complete guide to understanding wireframes, how and when they're used, and steps on how to make a wireframe of your own.

  • How to improve customer experience with a VoC program

    In this blog, we’ll go over tips to improve your customer experience across the board.

  • Visual thinking vs Design Thinking: Bringing the two together

    Let’s discuss two modes of thinking—visual thinking and Design Thinking—and the way they help you design and produce products that delight your customers.

  • How EVBox enhances remote collaboration with Lucidspark

    See how EVBox combines Lucidchart with Lucidspark, their favorite virtual whiteboard, to optimize visual collaboration across their teams. 

  • Best practices for the Ideate stage of Design Thinking

    Let's take a closer look at the Ideation stage and some best practices for completing this stage of the Design Thinking process.

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