Strategic planning

Explore winning insights to help you define long-term goals and take action to achieve them.

  • All about business process design

    In this article, we’ll explore how to use business process design to make your entire business run more efficiently.


    • Agile and project planning
    • Strategic planning
  • OKRs vs. KPIs

    OKRs and KPIs are both valuable for your business. Learn about both of them in this article. Includes free templates!

  • Understanding the difference between a product roadmap and a release plan

    In this article, we define what product roadmaps and release plans are and offer visual tools to manage these documents.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: January 2024

    We have four new templates to share with you to kick off the new year. Explore them now!

  • Internal analysis: Why every business strategy should start with one

    Performing an internal analysis can help you to look into how your company works, which helps you to see what you do well and what needs improvement.

  • All about current reality trees (and why they should be a crucial part of your problem-solving process)

    A current reality tree is a powerful tool that helps you problem-solve more effectively. Learn more about CRTs in this article. Includes a free template!

  • How to write an implementation plan

    Learn how to make an effective implementation plan that will keep your projects and initiatives running smoothly.

  • The importance of setting corporate objectives

    Learn why it’s important to set corporate objectives, see examples of corporate objectives, and try some templates.  

  • Understanding the theory of change

    The Theory of Change model provides a framework for designing, implementing, and evaluating your social initiatives and for making sure you achieve the desired outcomes.

  • An overview of the Kano model (with a free template)

    The Kano model is useful for understanding and prioritizing customer needs and preferences when designing new products.  

  • Using metrics in business: Measuring for success

    Metrics can help you set realistic goals, track progress, and make informed decisions about business direction and strategy.   

  • Effectively solve problems with the A3 problem-solving template

    Harness the A3 problem-solving format to effectively solve problems. Try the Lucidspark A3 problem-solving template. Follow these steps for the A3 process.

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