Organization and evaluation

We'll give you the tools you need to uncover valuable insights and turn them into actionable strategy.

  • A guide to project evaluations

    Boost your understanding of your last project and the success of your next with a project evaluation process.


    • Agile and project planning
    • Organization and evaluation
  • 7 steps in the recruiting process: How to find the right hire

    We’ll outline the seven steps in the recruitment process to streamline hiring and help you find the right people.

  • Developing a go-to-market strategy

    We're diving into the details of a solid go-to-market strategy, including tips to create one for your next product launch.

  • The art of adaptability: Using contingency theory for effective management

    Let’s explain what contingency theory is, how it’s modeled, and how to apply this theory in your managerial role.

  • The benefits of mind mapping, backed by scientific evidence

    In this blog post, we’ll look into the science behind mind mapping and discuss how Lucidspark can maximize mind maps.

  • How to write an executive summary (example of an executive summary + free template)

    We’ll teach you how to write an executive summary and provide a foolproof template to remove the guesswork.

  • OKRs vs. KPIs

    OKRs and KPIs are both valuable for your business. Learn about both of them in this article. Includes free templates!

  • How to create an internal knowledge base

    Internal knowledge bases keep information available to the entire company. Access resources to start your own.

  • A guide to utilizing the power of AI for mind mapping

    Learn how Lucid's AI tools can supercharge your process of creating mind maps. Includes a free template!

  • Setting goals with a Mandala Chart

    Discover the power of Mandala Charts for goal setting through our comprehensive guide.

  • An introduction to the weighted decision matrix

    A weighted matrix is a decision-making tool that can help you to compare and assess multiple options. Learn more!

  • Lucidspark template roundup: January 2024

    We have four new templates to share with you to kick off the new year. Explore them now!

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