Lucidspark tips

Learn how to maximize your Lucidspark experience to do your best work—faster.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: June 2024

    Check out the latest and greatest in Lucidspark templates!


    • Lucidspark tips
  • Set your meeting up for success with a Lucidspark board

    We'll teach you the best way to build a meeting board that strikes the right balance of freedom and boundaries.

  • Master the skill of collaboration for ideation

    We’ll explore the course “Collaborate for ideation” and show you how to keep your team engaged during ideation sessions.

  • Using Lucidspark for Agile product management (+ a free course!)

    Lucidspark can help you visualize, ideate, iterate, and prioritize for more strategic Agile product management. Learn how!

  • Lucidspark and Post-it® Brand team up to make hybrid workplace brainstorms easier by bridging the gap between analog and digital

    Using the Post-it® App, users are now able to digitize handwritten Post-it® Notes from the conference room and export them into their Lucidspark boards for remote users.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: March 2024

    In this article, we’ll take a look at our awesome new templates that have been released in March 2024.

  • A guide to utilizing the power of AI for mind mapping

    Learn how Lucid's AI tools can supercharge your process of creating mind maps. Includes a free template!

  • Design thinking in Lucidspark (includes a free course!)

    We're giving you a glimpse of Design Thinking in Lucidspark course. Sign up for free to access all the useful content!

  • 5 Lucidspark features you may not be using

    With dozens of features available, it can be easy to miss one! Here are some cool features that you may not be using.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: February 2024

    See what Lucidspark templates are new this month! There is something for everyone.

  • Tips and tricks to fully utilize your favorite Lucidspark features

    We asked real Lucidspark users like you what their favorite features are. Here are our best tips to fully utilize them!

  • 9 unique ways to use Lucidspark beyond brainstorming

    Let’s explore nine ways to leverage Lucidspark to work more intuitively with your team.

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