Lucidspark and Post-it® Brand team up to make hybrid workplace brainstorms easier by bridging the gap between analog and digital

Eric McPherson

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Hybrid work is here to stay. The ideal balance of WFH convenience and in-office efficiency is something we’ve been settling into for years now, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re just getting started. As such, there are still plenty of kinks to work out: hybrid employees can feel disconnected, people work differently, and many hybrid-work-specific tools just aren’t there yet.

If you ask us, the key is to make real-time collaboration in the big office translate smoothly into our home offices, and vice versa. If only you could take all those Post-it® Notes your team brainstormed the next big ideas on and have them magically pop up on your team’s Lucidspark board for tomorrow’s WFH day.

Well, great news: we’re announcing the integration of Lucidspark and the Post-it® App. As the authority of “write that down” for more than 40 years, Post-it® Brand is the perfect partner to help Lucidspark bridge the gap between physical and digital collaboration in hybrid work environments. Hybrid work hasn’t exactly been around for that long, let alone hybrid-work-specific tools. Lucidspark and Post-it® Brand believe this pre-optimization era is an exciting opportunity to continue creating and evolving tools for hybrid workers.

Using the Post-it® App with Lucidspark

Using the Post-it® App, users are now able to digitize handwritten Post-it® Notes from the conference room and export them into their Lucidspark boards for remote users and/or later reference—from anywhere. For users, digitizing handwritten notes is as easy as taking a minute or two to capture and organize each note using the Post-it® App and directly exporting the board of organized notes to a new or existing Lucidspark board. From there, your team can search, reference, and share key takeaways from the in-person ideation session with anyone.

Connect Lucidspark wih the Post-it® App to start digitizing your Post-it® Notes.

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In the spirit of settling into the future of hybrid work, the beauty of Lucidspark integrating with the Post-it® App is its ability to accommodate different work styles. After all, according to a recent Deloitte study, 54% of Gen Z and Millennials view hybrid work positively for mental health, while 22% worry about negative impacts. So hybrid work may not be perfect for everyone. Therefore, it’s a major priority for us to create something that provides options. What better way than a tool that combines tactile, in-person brainstorming, and infinitely scalable digital collaboration?

Making hybrid work easier

With the Post-it® App, Lucidspark can be a vital step along the journey of easing concerns with hybrid work, but we know it takes more than just being there. As long as organizations know where their teams fall within the latest trends and discourse surrounding hybrid work, the easier it’ll be to grasp a deeper understanding of your employees’ specific needs and discover which model suits them. 

While the perfect, one-size-fits-all solution is only legend, open-mindedness towards new tools and adapting to what you learn is a great start. Tools such as Lucidspark, with the Post-it® App integration, can set teams up for smoother transitions to a hybrid model, whether you’re fully on-site and warming up to the occasional WFH, or a fully remote team making a partial return to the office.

Such company-wide transitions are rarely easy. If a remote team is making its way back into the office, it’s almost bound to be a non-starter for one or more team members. This makes it all the more important for organizations to evaluate the potential impact on their existing and future talent pools.

With proper preparation, hybrid teams become easier to manage. Even among the strictest in-office policies, hybrid or remote work is inevitable, so having the right tools is key. Video conferencing and multi-channel messaging are essential, but on a deeper level, tools that amplify live collaboration between people in differing locations and enable asynchronous work, can make all the difference when reaching your hybrid workspace goals.

Luckily, Lucidspark and Post-it® Brand are the perfect pairing to get the job done, wherever that is. A perennial powerhouse of productivity and collaboration, Post-it® Brand has joined the hybrid work revolution by developing the Post-it® App, a simple way to digitize what’s on a handwritten Post-it® Note in seconds. Post-it® Notes are still such a popular way to start brainstorms, ideations, and collaboration sessions, but the modern workplace needs more. To get the most out of Post-it® Notes, the Post-it® App effortlessly transforms the tactile experience into a format that’s easier for teams to follow the thread—and move projects faster and further.

Download the Post-it® App today, bring your Post-it® Notes into Lucidspark, and begin to see why the hybrid workplace revolution might just stick around a while.

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About the author

Eric is a New Products Marketing Manager for the Post-it® Brand at 3M. He leads the Post-it® Digital program and has also managed various portfolios within the Post-it® Brand over the past five years. Before joining Post-it, Eric worked as an internal strategy consultant, and prior to working at 3M, he spent time in the advertising agency space. He received his MBA from the University of Minnesota and spends his free time golfing and exploring Dallas area parks with his young daughter.

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