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6 holiday team-building activities to feel the cheer all season long

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Shops are bustling, cheerful music is on the radio, and spirits are high—it’s the best time of year! And there’s no reason that the jolliness of the holidays can’t extend to the workplace. We’ve compiled a list of free templates perfect for holiday icebreakers or virtual team-building activities to get you feeling festive.

White elephant

You know the drill of white elephant: Decide on a monetary value, purchase gifts, and exchange them. That’s where this white elephant template comes in. Use it to organize gift exchanges in a fun way, so even those participating virtually can join in the fun. Unwrap the presents together and even steal someone else’s gift—all online.

white elephant template
Host a white elephant virtually with this template! Click on image to modify online.

Holiday card

Spread some cheer with this virtual holiday card! Leave messages, GIFs, photos, or links to your favorite Christmas songs or movies. Then, share with a co-worker, family member, or friend with the click of a button. 

holiday card template
Send a cheerful message with this virtual holiday card! Click on image to modify online.

Holiday giving tree

Looking for an opportunity to give back this season? This giving tree template will help your org come together to help those in need. This is just like a giving tree, but virtual—so even those working remotely can participate.

holiday giving tree template
Help those in need this holiday season. Click on image to modify online.

Advent calendar

The concept of this advent calendar template is simple: Count down the days until you get to celebrate the holidays (or until PTO!), one sticky note at a time. You can also add a fun image/ activity idea, or message underneath each sticky note and uncover one daily. Once you customize it, you can share it with your team or family.

advent calendar template
Count down to the holidays with this template! Click on image to modify online.

Best holiday movie bracket

It’s time to definitively decide: Which holiday movie is best? This holiday movie bracket template lets your team determine which winter flick is tops. Perfect for a holiday icebreaker or even a virtual team-building activity, this one’s guaranteed to stir up lively conversation (and possible debate) among co-workers.

holiday movie bracket template
Check out this holiday movie bracket for a fun activity with your team. Click on image to modify online.

Holiday movie tier list

If you want a more collaborative activity along the same lines as the best holiday movie bracket, try this holiday movie tier list template instead. As a team, rank holiday movies as a team-building exercise. Whether you’re working in person or remotely, you’ll feel the holiday spirit as you work together and discuss your favorite festive films.

hoilday movie tier template
Rank your favorite holiday movies with this template. Click on image to modify online.

Happy holidays! 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Do you have a template you’re using with your team this holiday season? Share it with us for a chance to be featured in our template gallery!

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