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Picture this: You open a fresh, new Lucidspark board, ready to put your ideas on the infinite canvas. You have your toolbox open with capabilities and features at the ready. There are so many ways you can start brainstorming, planning, and collaborating; where do you start?

While our tools can be used manually, we have some helpful Lucidspark shortcuts to make your whiteboard experience not only more enjoyable but more efficient. 

Let's explore the top Lucidspark shortcuts that you can start using today. Even if you’re a Lucid wizard, these shortcuts might “spark” (pun intended) a better way to whiteboard.


Adding shapes to your Lucidspark board is a great way to section off activities, create a collaborative space, and so much more. We recommend keeping your shapes similar in style and size for consistency and clarity, especially when collaborating with others.

Quick copy 

Quickly copy any shape on your canvas with a simple click and drag. Select any shape or group of shapes on your board. Hold the Alt key (for Windows) or Option key (for Mac), and drag your shapes to make a copy.

Copy shape style

If you want to copy the shape style without copying the text inside the shape, simply right-click on the shape you’d like to copy and click Copy Style. Highlight additional shapes in your document, right-click on one, and select Paste Style to match.

Board settings

Adjust the settings of your Lucidspark board to accommodate different styles or work. With a simple click, you can turn on and off specific settings that empower you and your team to work professionally and creatively.

Spell check

Save time by enabling spell check to check for misspelled words on your board automatically. Navigate to the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your board, and scroll down to Board settings. From there, hover over Spell check settings to update your preferences.

Snap to objects

Easily snap shapes into alignment with other objects to maintain order on your board. Navigate to the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your board, and scroll down to Board settings. Find Snap to objects to toggle this setting on.

Canvas controls

Because every Lucidspark board looks a little different and is used for different purposes, these canvas controls will help you navigate around the canvas with confidence.


Quickly zoom in and out of your Lucidspark board to view the information you need. Simply press the space bar and use your mouse scroll wheel or trackpad to zoom.

Move around the canvas 

Move freely around your Lucidspark board by holding down your space bar and clicking to where you want to move. Or, right-click and drag to navigate the canvas in a more seamless way. 

Full screen mode

Eliminate distractions from your browser and focus on your Lucidspark board. All you need to do is click the full-screen mode icon for your board to expand and press the ESC key to exit this view.

Move the sticky notes up, down, left, right

In addition to clicking and dragging sticky notes around your board, click on a sticky note and use the arrow keys to move your sticky note up, down, left, and right.

And there you have it: Nine Lucidspark shortcuts to help you work more dynamically with your team. Want to learn even more ways to whiteboard like a pro? Sign up for our free training course, where we cover all the basics with tutorials and hands-on exercises.

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