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6 summer templates for your team

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The temps are up, the sun is shining: Summer is here! And at Lucid, we’re excited to soak in every moment with seasonal icebreakers and team-building activities. Check them out to make the most of the summer, either personally or with your team!

Travel itinerary template

Have any fun plans this summer? Stay organized with our free travel itinerary template! Map out all the details beforehand so you can soak up every minute of vacation time once you’re off the clock. With space for travel details, links, and daily schedules, this template is a perfect hub for all your travel plans.

Travel itinerary template (click to use template)

SMART goals template

With extra daylight each day, summer is the perfect time to set some goals—personally or professionally. Want to spend time outside? Read more? Pick up baking? This goal template will help you stay organized and give you the best chances of success. Feel free to keep your goals to yourself or to make plans as a team and share them for extra accountability. How do you plan to make the most of your summer?

SMART goals template
SMART goals template (click to use template)

Collage template

Use our flexible collage template to map out a summer bucket list or vision board for yourself. Or, plan a casual team-building activity and have everyone prepare a collage at the end of the summer to share photos of what they’ve been up to during the season.

Collage template
Collage template (click to use template)

Calendar template

Summertime typically means balancing a lot of team PTO as members take time with family and friends. Stay on top of everyone’s plans with our calendar template. You can also use it to plan out fun team or company events or initiatives throughout the summer like company picnics. Feel free to delete extraneous months!

Calendar template (click to use template)

Rank order activity template

Looking for a quick team icebreaker? This rank order activity template is easy to customize with any number of summer things. For example, definitively decide the best summer blockbuster, order your favorite water activities, or rank your favorite picks offered at a classic ice cream truck.

Rank order activity template (click to use template)

Game show template

Our game show template makes the perfect virtual team activity. Host a fun, personalized Jeopardy-style competition with your teammates! Pick topics your team likes, like movies or country music, or choose seasonal topics. Pick prizes for winners to make it a complete team activity, or just play for bragging rights!

Game show template (click to use template)

Explore all of our free, virtual team-building activities and templates!

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