5 icebreaker templates perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Love or hate the holiday, it’s the season of love. Join in on the fun with festive icebreakers and Valentine’s Day team-building activities you can participate in leading up to the holiday to recognize and express appreciation for others. Here are our best Valentine’s Day templates!

Valentine’s Day card template

Spread some love (Charlie Brown style!) by sharing this virtual Valentine’s Day card with your team, friends, or family. Add photos, GIFs, messages, and more to let others know you wish them the best this Valentine’s Day. 

Looking for Valentine’s Day card templates? We’ve got you covered! It’s easy to send this virtual Valentine’s Day card to loved ones.

Love blossom icebreaker

Nothing beats real flowers, but this love blossom icebreaker is a solid alternative. Personalize the template with the names and images of different co-workers, then set a short timer and allow team members to write things they appreciate about each other in the sticky notes around their pictures. 

Valentine’s Day icebreaker questions and activities are an easy way to celebrate with your team.

Team accolades

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romantic love—it’s also a great time to recognize strengths and praise those you appreciate. This team accolades template is a creative way to do exactly that. This was originally created for use in a classroom setting but can easily be applied to any team. Simply fill each podium with an individual’s name (adding or deleting podiums as needed) and write what that team member contributes. For a fun twist, you can instead assign creative “Most likely to…” awards to each individual.

This template is a simple, fun team building activity for Valentine’s Day.

Favorite chocolate icebreaker activity

Valentine’s Day may be controversial, but who doesn’t love the candy?! Cash in on that shared love with this fun chocolate icebreaker activity. Kick-start your meeting by ranking the best chocolates, and engage the whole team as they explain (or defend) their answers. Feel free to personalize what chocolate or candy they’re ranking, and if you’re looking for team building activities for Valentine’s Day, complete the activity in person as a real chocolate-tasting event.

Chocolate is a must for all Valentine’s Day team building activities!

Team room

Recall the nostalgic days of old elementary school Valentine’s Day parties by customizing this simple team room template. Decorate your “room” like a Valentine’s party for your next team-building activity or meeting using images, shapes, and GIFs for a festive twist on your day to day. Happy Valentine’s!

The team room template is a simple but festive way to celebrate the holiday.

Explore all of our team-building templates to get inspired for your next activity or icebreaker.

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