Annual calendar

Make this your most successful year with this annual calendar template. Add important projects, deadlines, and milestones to keep teams informed and aligned.

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annual calendar template

What is the annual calendar template?

If you’re ready to plan 2022, you need a blank calendar to lay everything out on. This template has all 12 months ready for you to plan out the big picture. Use it to lay out projects, set long-term goals, and visualize months at a time before you get caught up in the new year’s work.

While you can find a blank 2022 calendar anywhere, using this template in Lucidspark means that you can easily collaborate on it. Plan out your year with your team, either in real time or asynchronously. This flexibility is especially important for hybrid teams—if some of your team works remotely or at odd hours, you’ll need extra help keeping everyone on the same page. This template can bridge the gap.

Additionally, the yearly planner template is easy to adjust. While you need a good plan to start the year strong, you need to stay flexible in the face of inevitable changes. Move things around to update the calendar as your priorities and deadlines change, and your whole team will be updated too.

How to use the free calendar template in Lucidspark

Add sticky notes to the calendar to show important events or deadlines—they’ll be easy to move later if needed. Feel free to color-code them to show which project they belong to or what type of event they record so you can see what’s coming at a glance. You can also tag tag items to categorize them further.

If you have a particularly intense time that needs special attention, make a breakout board for it. This will allow you to take a closer look at that time frame so you can include more details without clutter or distractions.

Get a jump on your calendar planning now with this template, and enjoy the new year knowing that you’re prepared.

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