“Choose your own adventure” with these creative brainstorming templates

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Most of you have likely participated in a brainstorming session. These sessions are typically conducted as a group activity to solve a specific problem. 

Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard software that any team member can access in real-time, no matter where they work. Lucidspark is a great choice for supplementing your brainstorming sessions for the following reasons:

  1. It unites diverse teams.

With Lucidspark, you’re no longer limited by the confines of your location. Bring together a diverse, global team to harness different ideas and perspectives. The more ideas you have, the greater your chances of finding a viable solution to your problem.

  1. It increases team participation.

Virtual collaboration connects team members so their work doesn’t feel siloed. Plus, individuals who are uncomfortable in groups are typically much more comfortable sharing ideas in remote collaboration sessions, so you’ll likely increase the number of generated ideas. 

  1. It creates better documentation.

When you conduct a brainstorming session from a Lucidspark board, you organically create documentation that can be referred back to anytime. You no longer need to copy down ideas from the conference room whiteboard—Lucidspark saves you the hassle of post-meeting documenting by saving your work as you go.

  1. It allows for more flexibility.

Coordinating schedules is difficult (if not impossible) when working with a large, hybrid team. But Lucidspark allows you to collaborate in real-time, just like working together in the office. Then, share your work with the click of a button so those who may have missed the session can still participate and gain context.

  1. It increases the effectiveness of your collaboration.

With a vast library of customizable templates, charts, colors, and shapes to help you capture your ideas, Lucidspark maximizes the effectiveness of your collaboration sessions. Team members can draw, use sticky notes and shapes, insert text boxes, and more to convey thoughts and offer feedback. And with features like automatic categorization, feedback, and voting, aligning your team has never been easier.


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Choose your own brainstorming adventure with Lucidspark

If you participate in brainstorming sessions regularly, it’s important to occasionally switch things up to maximize creativity and productivity within a session. 

Lucidspark offers several brainstorming templates that provide a unique change of scenery from a plain whiteboard. Each template has the same features and functionality, but they let your team members choose a location to “visit” for something different to look at.

It’s like going on a “staycation” without leaving your office—wherever that office might be. You just have to choose where you what to go!


Take a virtual cruise down one of Amsterdam’s canals in your next brainstorming session with this Amsterdam brainstorming template.

Amsterdam brainstorming (click on image to modify online)

Arches National Park

Use the Moab brainstorming template and get inspired by the beauty of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

Moab brainstorming template (click on image to modify online)

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Take a scenic driving tour of the Blue Ridge Mountains as you brainstorm ideas with this North Carolina brainstorming template.

North Carolina brainstorming template (click on image to modify online)

A ski resort

Do you enjoy winter sports? Take a virtual trip down the slopes of your favorite ski resort with this ski brainstorming template.

Ski brainstorming (click on image to modify online)

No matter which “adventure” you choose, approaching brainstorming sessions in a new way will help prevent burnout and promote creativity.



Explore Lucidspark’s hundreds of templates for every use case. 

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