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10 templates for better goal setting

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Whether you’re looking ahead to a new year, a new quarter, or a new week, planning is the only way to ensure you meet your goals. That’s because goal-setting requires both identifying what you want to achieve and determining an actionable method for achieving it. 

Goal-setting helps you spend your time intentionally to become the person you want to be. When you set goals, you’re taking control of your life (or at the very least, taking control of your professional life) to better yourself. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry—we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll share resources to supercharge your goal-setting and mitigate roadblocks. Each of these templates has the potential to help you set smarter goals and become the person you want to be.


SMART goal sheet

Best for: Teams and individuals

goal setting
SMART goals template example (click to edit online)

Setting a vague goal, such as getting healthier or reading more, is a sure way to fail. That’s why this template is helpful. It will guide you in creating specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals that you can actually achieve.

Sprint goal template

Best for: Teams


goal setting
Sprint goal template example (click to edit online)

If you’ve been running your sprints without specific goals in mind, there’s a good chance you haven’t been maximizing your team’s potential. This template is a great way to motive and align your team, while defining specific metrics for measuring success. 

Team New Year’s resolutions

Best for: Teams


goal setting
Team New Year's resolution template example (click to edit online)

The new year is a great time to set measurable goals for your team, both personal and professional. This template guides you through the process so that you’ll know exactly what to do after the ball drops.

Thermometer tracker 

Best for: Teams

goal setting
Thermometer goal tracker template example (click to edit online)

Our Thermometer goal tracking template visually displays how close your team is to achieving its goal. This helps with motivation (and adds some fun) through the process.

Strategy map

Best for: Teams

goal setting
Strategy map template example (click to edit online)

To see how goals fit into the bigger picture, use our Strategy map template. You’ll better identify what interdependencies exist and why your goal matters in the long run.

Strategic planning template

Best for: Teams


goal setting
Strategic planning template example (click to edit online)

Know where you want to go, but struggling to determine the best path to take? This template can help. Visualize the landscape of options at a high-level view so you can decide how to approach your goals and mitigate risk.

2023 annual calendar

Best for: Teams and individuals

goal setting
Annual calendar template example (click to edit online)

It’s one thing to have a calendar, and it’s another thing to have a goal calendar. Use this template to motivate you and your team while strategizing ways to achieve all your goals this year.

Daily schedule/goal template 

Best for: Individuals

goal setting
Daily schedule template example (click to edit online)

Achieving goals comes down to small actions you take on a daily basis. Our Daily schedule template helps you keep big-picture goals in mind while planning your day.

Action plan template

Best for: Individuals

goal setting
Action plan template example (click to edit online)

So you’ve set goals—now what? This template helps break down your goals into actionable steps. It also helps you define (and avoid) potential obstacles.

Catalyst Canvas

Best for: Teams

goal setting
Catalyst Canvas template example (click to edit online)

Defining goals can be difficult. This template helps you explore the motivations behind your team objectives. It can also help you brainstorm ways to measure progress.

When it comes to goal achievement, visualization is key to staying motivated throughout the (sometimes greuling) process. Visual collaboration products like Lucidspark are a great way to keep your goals on track and maximize your productivity and focus. Plus, cloud-based templates make it easier than ever to stay organized since they’re easy to maintain and update in real time. Reach new goals using the dynamic templates from Lucidspark’s library.

goal setting

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