Zoom’s Lucidspark Zoom App integration

Enriched collaboration with Lucidspark and Zoom

To enrich and streamline collaboration into your daily workflows, we’re excited to announce an upcoming integration between Lucidspark and Zoom. 

Announced at Zoom’s user conference, Zoomtopia, users will be able to use Lucidspark right within Zoom’s platform by the end of the year to effectively brainstorm, collaborate and align on new ideas in real time, and organize collective thinking into actionable next steps. 

Why the Lucidspark Zoom integration?

Zoom reports 300 million daily Zoom meeting participants, many of whom participate in both planned and unplanned brainstorming. 

Zoom has created a widely used video conferencing software that gives teams the ability to talk things through, which has proven essential as remote work has increased. But teams still need a place where they can turn face-to-face conversations into meeting documentation.

But the reality is that toggling between apps and tabs is messy. 

Imagine switching to a browser, logging in, creating and opening a document, clicking back into Zoom or Slack to share, waiting to confirm meeting participants can access and open the doc… you get it.

And that’s just to get started!

Virtual meetings and brainstorming makes it hard to give, receive, and organize feedback effectively. And it can be incredibly difficult for participants to follow along and contribute meaningfully. 

Zoom Lucidspark Zapp integration

When using Zoom’s Lucidspark Zoom App, teams can:

  • Brainstorm on the fly.
  • Get the most out of planned sessions.
  • Stop wasting precious meeting time with technical logistics.
  • Contribute easily and often.
  • Document meeting ideas and conversations.
  • Turn ideas into action.
  • Uplevel your meetings with Lucidspark boards and notes.
  • Never lose track of the agenda.

What will it do?

More than just copy and pasting links, Lucidspark and Zoom have created something easy (and awesome). 

  • Master the breakout room: Lucidspark is deeply integrated with Zoom breakout rooms. Each breakout room has its own tab in Lucidspark so meeting facilitators can better monitor the progress and chime.
  • Attach Lucidspark boards to meetings: Kick off meetings the right way by adding a Lucidspark board right to your Zoom meeting invite.
  • Stick to the agenda: Add your meeting agenda to the notes panel in Lucidspark, adding and checking off items as you go.
  • Never lose track of time: Incorporate a timer for activities to keep everyone engaged and on track.
  • Divvy out the right permissions: Lucidspark is easily accessible in Zoom so you don’t need to worry about permission/accessible for other meeting participants

Best ways to use the integration

While you can use Lucidspark and Zoom together any way you’d like, we’ve identified some of the most common uses for the integration:

  • Collaboration: When you’re in a meeting and ideas start flying, quickly create a Lucidspark board directly within Zoom to keep the momentum going. Or, plan ahead and include a Lucidspark board in the meeting agenda.
  • Remote work: Zoom let’s you see and talk to each other from afar, while Lucidspark helps replicate the essential in-person elements of collaboration. 
  • Synthesize brainstorm details: Discover patterns and insights by tagging items and grouping them into containers. Then, synthesize your notes into next steps with presentation-ready deliverables to clearly communicate your vision.
  • Sprint planning: Align your team during standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives to exchange feedback and document progress, all in one convenient online space.
  • Customer journeys: Discuss, collect, visualize, and share your insights about the customer journey, walking through customer journey maps as a group in real time. 

What’s the ETA?

Zoom’s new Zoom App platform, which enables developers to create apps as web views in a chromium-embedded framework—and the Lucidspark Zoom App—will be available in Q4 2020.

Stay tuned!

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Until then, find out more about Lucidspark’s integrations and how you can drive collaboration across your favorite apps!

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