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With hundreds of thought leaders covering all sorts of topics, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place with all of their frameworks and knowledge to help your team succeed? Well, look no further than the Lucid template gallery: Launchpad. 

Lucid has partnered with countless thought leaders to bring you templates to help drive your business and provide your team with the resources to build the future. From templates on Design Thinking and Scrum sprints to engaging icebreakers for dispersed teams, there’s something for every team and use case.

Here are a handful of partners Lucid has collaborated with to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Roman Pichler: The GO product roadmap template

Product management expert Roman Pichler shared his GO (goal-oriented) product roadmap. This template is perfect for teams that are wanting to improve their products and increase value for their customers. What’s even better? This template integrates seamlessly into Scrum practices and meetings so Agile teams can make decisions quickly.

Use this template to help improve and visualize product goals, metrics, and features. Additionally, the GO product roadmap template makes it easy for teams to bring products and features from theory into action, all while maintaining strong collaboration and teamwork. 

Use this template to take your product management teams and meetings to the next level.

GO product roadmap template
GO product roadmap template (click to open)

Strategyzer: Business model canvas template

As a global leader in enterprise growth and innovation services, Strategyzer partnered with Lucid to create a business model canvas template. Strategyzer helps other businesses innovate, collaborate, and create value. 

Strategyzer pioneered the business model canvas, and this template will help you outline your business plan and strategy—it’s perfect for people who are short on time but need to move quickly to get a plan into place. In this template, you can expect to answer critical questions about revenue, cost centers, value propositions, and more. 

Use this template to quickly determine ways to change and optimize your business model for lasting success.

Business model canvas template
Business model canvas template (click to open)

Smartsheet: Smartsheet integration canvas template 

Successful teams need a dynamic workspace to bring projects across the finish line, and Smartsheet helps teams do just that. Smartsheet provides teams with solutions to automate workflows and manage projects using no-code tools. 

By partnering with Smartsheet, we were able to create a Smarsheet integration canvas template that helps teams ideate, collaborate, and create a plan to export into Smartsheet. Using Lucid Cards for Smartsheet, your teams can take ideas from your brainstorming session right into Smartsheet. From that point, you can track and manage project timelines and deliverables to see what has been done and what still needs work. 

Use this template to mix unstructured collaboration with structured project planning right in Lucidspark and Smartsheet.

Smartsheet integration canvas template
Smartsheet integration canvas template (click to open)

Calendly: Calendly meeting agenda

More likely than not, you’ve not only heard of Calendly but have used it to schedule some sort of meeting. Calendly takes the back-and-forth out of scheduling meetings, so you can get to the work that really matters.

The Calendly meeting agenda template is all about being efficient and purposeful to get the most out of your meetings. The template makes it easy to facilitate each step of the meeting from planning to follow-up. To get the most out of Calendly’s template, make sure to fill out key agenda areas before the meeting to make sure everyone comes prepared. Productive meetings for the win!

Use this template to seamlessly facilitate your meetings so everyone can easily identify takeaways and next steps.

Calendly meeting agenda template
Calendly meeting agenda template (click to open)

Pyn: Employee journey template

Having a clear employee journey map helps your organization create pivotal moments for new team members. Pyn, an automated employee communications tool driven by HRIS data, strives to make employee journeys a breeze.

Pyn partnered with Lucid to create a Lucidspark template all about the employee journey, covering everything from the first touch point when the employee accepts their offer letter to their training schedule. The template makes it easy for the necessary people involved (manager, onboarding buddy, IT specialists) to collaborate and see where they need to step in.

Use the Pyn employee training template to streamline new hire onboarding and customize it to each person’s needs.

Pyn employee journey template
Pyn employee journey template (click to open)

Giphy: “What do you GIF?” icebreaker game

Where would we be without funny GIFs? Giphy makes it easy to find the best GIFs all in one place.

Giphy’s “What do you GIF?” icebreaker game template helps teams break the ice by playing a fun game together. In this game, each person will take a turn picking a GIF, and then the other team members will come up with the best possible caption for that GIF. Then, the team can vote on whose caption was the best/funniest/oddest or anything in between!

"What do you GIF?" icebreaker game template
"What do you GIF?" icebreaker game template (click to open)

A big thank you to all of our partners who have created co-branded templates with Lucid! By sharing their knowledge and innovative ideas, people everywhere can take their businesses and teams to the next level. 

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