"What do you GIF?" icebreaker game

The "What do you GIF?" icebreaker template helps team members break the ice and kick meetings off with a fun game. Try Lucidspark!

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One of the best icebreaker games for work

Good rapport can transform a team. And it makes sense—people get more done when they’re working with people they get along with. Here’s the problem: It can take months, maybe longer, to help build authentic relationships within a team.

Enter icebreakers. Icebreakers are quick games or activities that can bring meetings to life, whether you’re meeting in person or remotely. They help everyone get comfortable with each other and foster relationships between co-workers. In short, they help build rapport.

Everyone loves a good GIF. So why not take advantage of that fact and integrate GIFs into your next icebreaker? That’s exactly what the “what do you GIF?” icebreaker template does.

How to use this icebreaker game template

In this icebreaker game, team members take turns inserting GIFs into a Lucidspark board using the GIPHY integration. Other players will then submit their best captions for the GIF. We recommend setting a timer for one minute to keep the game snappy. The team can then vote on their favorite caption using Lucidspark’s voting feature. And on to the next round!



GIPHY enables individuals to express themselves and make their everyday conversations more entertaining through GIFs, stickers, Arcade, Clips, and much more. Learn more about GIPHY here.

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