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Use this meeting agenda canvas to prepare, execute, and follow up on meetings.

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Calendly meeting agenda template

Facilitate meetings efficiently with the Calendly meeting agenda template

With Lucidspark and Calendly’s meeting agenda template, you can plan and carry out efficient meetings, from planning stages to follow up. We’ve collaborated with Calendly to create a meeting template with space to cover each aspect of a successful meeting, including pre-meeting prep and agenda-setting. You can even use our meeting workspace to record notes, ideas, and action items your team needs to focus on.

Plan organized, efficient meeting strategies, so you’ll never have to sit through another meeting that should’ve been an email again.

How does it work?

Our meeting agenda template was designed to facilitate each stage of your meeting, from prep to follow-up, all in one location. Prepare for your upcoming meeting by recording notes, meeting details, and other information to help guide you as a meeting facilitator. Use our template’s convenient meeting workspace to add notes, flesh out ideas, and record important items. At the end of your meeting, our template can help you and your team cover post-meeting topics and keep you organized as you follow up and prepare for next steps.

Get started with our Calendly meeting agenda template

Below is a look at how to use our template through each stage of your next meeting.

Before the meeting:

  • Fill out the pre-meeting section ahead of time to prepare for your upcoming meeting.
  • Use Calendly to determine the date and time of the meeting and include invitees.
  • State the purpose of the meeting and determine what needs to be accomplished.
  • Construct a meeting agenda with specific information about how your team will approach your goals.

During your meeting:

  • Reference the pre-meeting section throughout the meeting to stay on track and use your meeting time efficiently.
  • Use the meeting workspace to connect ideas, record notes, and drive your team’s workflow.

After the meeting:

  • At the end of your meeting, cover any unanswered questions, record a meeting summary, and determine action items for your team.
  • Pro tip: Use Lucidspark Cards to assign action items to appropriate team members.
  • Ensure follow-through on any action items by setting a date and time for your next meeting through Calendly.

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Calendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work.

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