Lucidspark template roundup: March

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The month of March brought us lots of basketball, lots of luck, and several brand new Lucidspark templates to boost your efficiency and increase your team’s organization! We are continually developing new templates for our users, so make sure to check back monthly for the latest and greatest.

Now, let’s dive into the Lucidspark templates that were released over the past several weeks.

1. Sprint backlog

Decide which backlogged tasks to tackle in your next sprint session with our sprint backlog template. Examine the status of each task and make a to-do list, all while keeping your overall sprint goal in mind. This template will help optimize your organization and ensure everything is accounted for.

Sprint backlog template example (click to modify image online)

2. Sprint planning

Take your sprint planning session to the next level with our sprint planning template. Stay organized throughout the meeting agenda—decide on a sprint goal, review previous feedback, and align on tasks. Plus, connect Lucid Cards to Jira or Smartsheet for a visual timeline that updates in real time to simplify your work.

Sprint planning template example (click to modify image online)

3. Frame structure

Effortlessly facilitate your next ideation session by intentionally planning the design of your material ahead of time. Use this template to organize your content in a logical way using Frames. With everything already set up for you, all you need is to fill the Frames with content and facilitate your dynamic meeting. Or, utilize the Paths tool for viewers to review material on their own in the exact order and way that you’d like them to.

Frame structure template example (click to modify image online)

4. Facilitation planning canvas

Planning an event or facilitation session? Get started on the right foot with our facilitation planning canvas! Visually break down every element of the event, from your desired outcomes and purpose, to attendees, logistics, and more. Collaborate with team members to get the best ideas as you make decisions and develop an intentional plan for success.

Facilitation planning canvas template example (click to modify image online)

5. Facilitator agenda

After you’ve covered all the ements of your next event using the facilitation planning canvas, develop a flow for the actual session with our facilitator agenda template. Drag and drop “tools” from the toolbox to build an agenda, making sure nothing is left out. Consider every possibility, like an agenda review, an energy booster, introductions, activities, voting sessions, and more.

Facilitator agenda template example (click to modify image online)

Build and submit your own template for others to use!

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