Lucidspark template roundup: February

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The Lucidspark template gallery is continually updating with new templates designed especially for you! Improve your processes and boost efficiency throughout your organization with hundreds of dynamic templates. We do these roundups every month, so be sure to check back soon! Let’s take a peek at what’s been released in February.

Task planning with Airtable

Stay on top of individual and team tasks with our Task planning with Airtable template. In collaboration with Airtable, we’ve created an intuitive template that allows you to import Airtable cards into Lucidspark as Lucid cards. Plan upcoming projects, brainstorm ideas, decide on timelines, and more. Whether planning for a whole team or yourself, this template is for you.

Task planning with Airtable example
Task planning with Airtable example (click on image to modify online)

Project management with ClickUp

Calling all project managers! Are you a ClickUp user? Quickly visualize your ClickUp projects and tasks within Lucidspark. Define the project's scope, assign tasks, and decide on the next steps in a collaborative space. Open this Project management with ClickUp template to get started.

Project management with ClickUp template
Project management with ClickUp template (click on image to modify online)

Task management with Trello

With the Trello integration for Lucidspark, you can now seamlessly create and manage all of your projects in one convenient space. The Task management with Trello template allows you to freely ideate and prioritize tasks so you and your team know what to do now, next, and later. Use this template to level up your next sprint planning meeting.

Task management with Trello template
Task management with Trello template (click on image to modify online)

Project planning with

Kick off your next project with confidence using the Project planning with template. Bring your projects from into this Lucidspark template to visualize everything from the project scope, to stakeholders, to top priorities. Use this template in your next planning session and discover the power of the Lucidspark and integration!

Project planning with template
Project planning with template (click on image to modify online)

Project proposal

Have a great idea for your next project? Use this Project proposal template to create and present an impressive proposal for your team, clients, and stakeholders. Seamlessly deliver the project summary, main deliverables, background, solution, and more. Open this template to get started and have an engaging presentation ready in no time.


Project proposal template
Project proposal template (click on image to modify online)

Target architecture worksheet

Created in collaboration with Clint Ewing, Principal Enterprise Architect at Quanterix, this Target architecture worksheet is designed to help you organize your target architecture along two axes. Architectural teams can plan how they will move applications from on-prem to the cloud while recording the experience, system of record, and data and visualization. 

Target architecture worksheet
Target architecture worksheet (click on image to modify online)
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