Target architecture worksheet

Use this six block template to organize target architecture along two axes.

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Target architecture worksheet example

What is the target architecture worksheet?

Target architecture sets the framework for planning, assigning resources, and streamlining activities to reach a desired future state. It serves as a blueprint for both enterprise architects and project managers to follow.

This worksheet is a six-block table template to organize target architecture along two axes. It was created in partnership with Clint Ewing, Principal Enterprise Architect at Quanterix.

Benefits of using the target architecture worksheet

There are many benefits to using this free template:

  • Organize target architecture: The worksheet provides a structured format to describe the hardware and software components, their interactions, and dependencies.
  • Stay organized: As components are completed, refer to the worksheet to ensure implementation follows the plan.
  • Collaborate with team members: Work with stakeholders in real time from anywhere in the world, reducing misunderstandings and facilitating effective communication.
  • Utilize dozens of features: Gather feedback from stakeholders and keep communication within the worksheet for easy reference using in-app chat, reactions, and more.

How to use the target architecture worksheet in Lucidspark

  1. The table displays experience, system of record, and data and visualization. Compare cloud with on-prem, plotting target architecture using sticky notes and text boxes.
  2. Share the board with stakeholders using the "Share" button for easy collaboration.
  3. If there’s deliberation around a particular component, utilize voting or emoji reactions to gain consensus.

Clint Ewing logo

Clint Ewing

Principal Enterprise Architect, Quanterix

Clint Ewing is an Enterprise Architect developing in both .NET and Java. Clint specializes in the analysis and architecture involving business process re engineering.

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