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  • summer templates
    Teamwork and collaboration

    6 summer templates for your team

    Summer is here and we’re excited to soak in every moment with seasonal icebreakers and team-building activities!

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  • Lucidspark tips

    5 Lucidspark features you may not be using

    With dozens of features available, it can be easy to miss one! Here are some cool features that you may not be using.

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  • Lucidspark tips

    9 unique ways to use Lucidspark beyond brainstorming

    Let’s explore nine ways to leverage Lucidspark to work more intuitively with your team.

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  • Lucidspark tips

    Sharing is caring: 8 ways to share your Lucidspark boards

    In this blog post, we go over eight different ways to share your Lucidspark boards—pick the experience that works best for your team and projects!

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  • Brainstorming tips

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  • High-performing teams

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  • Best of project planning

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  • UX best practices

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Impactful tips for innovative collaborators

Explore insightful strategies to spark your team's creativity and turn the best ideas into action.

  • Multi-project management: Tips for success

    Discover what multi-project management is, the challenges associated with it, and how to manage multiple projects.


    • Agile and project planning
  • How to use brainwriting to generate ideas

    Here’s how to use brainwriting to generate more (and better) ideas fast.

  • All about business process design

    In this article, we’ll explore how to use business process design to make your entire business run more efficiently.

  • 6 summer templates for your team

    Summer is here and we’re excited to soak in every moment with seasonal icebreakers and team-building activities!

  • Master the skill of collaboration for ideation

    We’ll explore the course “Collaborate for ideation” and show you how to keep your team engaged during ideation sessions.

  • All about the Double Diamond UX design process

    Double Diamond UX design is a customizable, structured framework that promotes divergent and convergent thinking.

  • An introduction to the phase-gate process

    The phase-gate process may be perfect for your team's project management. Learn what it is and how to implement it.

  • The art of adaptability: Using contingency theory for effective management

    Let’s explain what contingency theory is, how it’s modeled, and how to apply this theory in your managerial role.

  • What is a use case?

    Learn how to write business use cases, read through use case examples, try a use case template, and more.

  • The benefits of mind mapping, backed by scientific evidence

    In this blog post, we’ll look into the science behind mind mapping and discuss how Lucidspark can maximize mind maps.

  • How to write an executive summary (example of an executive summary + free template)

    We’ll teach you how to write an executive summary and provide a foolproof template to remove the guesswork.

  • Using Lucidspark for Agile product management (+ a free course!)

    Lucidspark can help you visualize, ideate, iterate, and prioritize for more strategic Agile product management. Learn how!

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