Impactful tips for innovative collaborators

Explore insightful strategies to spark your team's creativity and turn the best ideas into action.

  • Horizontal vs. vertical communication

    Learn the differences between horizontal and vertical communication to improve how you and your org connect.


    • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Setting goals with a Mandala Chart

    Discover the power of Mandala Charts for goal setting through our comprehensive guide.

  • Design thinking in Lucidspark (includes a free course!)

    We're giving you a glimpse of Design Thinking in Lucidspark course. Sign up for free to access all the useful content!

  • Understanding the difference between a product roadmap and a release plan

    In this article, we define what product roadmaps and release plans are and offer visual tools to manage these documents.

  • 5 Lucidspark features you may not be using

    With dozens of features available, it can be easy to miss one! Here are some cool features that you may not be using.

  • Task planning: Finding order in chaos

    We’ll review our favorite tips for task planning and how to turn chaos into actionable tasks and procedures.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: February 2024

    See what Lucidspark templates are new this month! There is something for everyone.

  • How to track your project budgets

    With careful project budget tracking, teams can make better informed decisions and mitigate financial risks.

  • Customer journey mapping in Lucidspark (includes a free course!)

    Access the entire course in Lucid Training Labs to view tools that will help you master customer journey mapping.

  • What is the product life cycle?

    Understanding product life cycle theory can help you make strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Tips and tricks to fully utilize your favorite Lucidspark features

    We asked real Lucidspark users like you what their favorite features are. Here are our best tips to fully utilize them!

  • 9 unique ways to use Lucidspark beyond brainstorming

    Let’s explore nine ways to leverage Lucidspark to work more intuitively with your team.

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