Impactful tips for innovative collaborators

Explore insightful strategies to spark your team's creativity and turn the best ideas into action.

  • All about intrinsic motivation (+ how to cultivate it on your team)

    If you want your team to excel at work, you should strive to foster intrinsic motivation. Learn how in this article.


    • Teamwork and collaboration
  • All about mood boards

    A picture really is worth a thousand words. In this article, you'll learn all about mood boards and how to create them. Includes free templates!


  • Affinity diagrams: Your key to more creative problem-solving

    No matter the situation, affinity diagramming will help you to organize your thoughts and overcome your workplace challenges. Use these tips and templates to get started.

  • The importance of setting corporate objectives

    Learn why it’s important to set corporate objectives, see examples of corporate objectives, and try some templates.  

  • Making the move from Miro to Lucidspark [+ free course!]

    Learn how to smoothly migrate from Miro to Lucidspark. Includes a free course!  

  • 6 templates Lucidspark users love to collaborate on

    We’re excited to share team templates that Lucidspark users just like you use on a regular basis to collaborate and do their best work.

  • Parkinson’s Law and how to overcome it

    Parkinson’s Law argues that work will expand to fill the time that is available for its completion. Follow our guide to overcome it and boost your productivity.

  • Understanding the theory of change

    The Theory of Change model provides a framework for designing, implementing, and evaluating your social initiatives and for making sure you achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Lucidspark template roundup: September 2023

    Level up your brainstorming sessions, strengthen your decision-making, and polish your presentations with these new templates for teams of all kinds.  

  • An effective presentation starts with an effective presentation outline

    An effective presentation outline will help you create an effective presentation that will get the support you need from your intended audience.  


  • An overview of the Kano model (with a free template)

    The Kano model is useful for understanding and prioritizing customer needs and preferences when designing new products.  

  • Make meetings more engaging and collaborative with Lucidspark + Google Meet all-in-one devices

    Now, you can access Lucidspark’s virtual whiteboard on Board 65 and Desk 27 devices for a collaborative and creative experience in Google Meet for new scenarios or as an alternative to whiteboarding in Jamboard.

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