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How do you celebrate the new year? Watching the ball drop? Making resolutions? Exploring all the new features in Lucidspark?

Oh, just us?...

It’s been a landmark year at Lucid with unparalleled new releases, and today we’re counting down Lucidspark’s best of 2023. From new features to new integrations and much more, it’s been an amazing year clarifying the complex! 

Note: This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything Lucidspark rolled out in 2023—there were way too many to include in this list! 

Collaborative AI

AI is on everyone’s minds, and Collaborative AI provides a new way to boost proactivity, innovation, and productivity in Lucidspark.

Whether you want to generate ideas, uncover key themes, or rapidly summarize your working session, Collaborative AI has got you covered. Kick off a brainstorming session or project with Collaborative AI and watch as it automatically populates ideas related to chosen keywords on your Lucidspark board. Select a sticky note on your canvas and use AI to generate even more related ideas, then sort those ideas into categories automatically so you can start to see the big picture as your ideas take shape.

Once you’re finished, simply click to summarize selected sticky notes, and a container will appear with a takeaway so you can decide on the next steps.

Visual Activities

Visual Activities are new, dynamic activities that turn qualitative feedback into actionable insights. In seconds, you can efficiently collect team or customer feedback and capture the best ideas from every perspective. Then, generate actionable, data-backed insights without leaving Lucidspark. 

Whether you want to prioritize product concepts, synthesize user research, determine stakeholder and customer priorities, walk through a planning process, or even check in on your team’s team’s bandwidth and morale, there is a Visual Activity for you.

Mind maps

Dynamic mind maps have been highly requested, and they’re finally here!

There are many different applications to make a mind map out there, but they’re not all created equal. Lucid’s new mind mapping features are intuitive and quick, so you can efficiently visualize how ideas and topics relate. 

Whether you want to narrow down strategy, organize agenda items, brainstorm topics, or something else entirely, mind maps are useful for essentially any team. And with personalized viewing options so you can expand or collapse part of your map with just a click and an effortless entry that allows you to add a mind map to any project at any time, creating a mind map is now easier than ever.


Lucidspark boards are now brighter than ever!

With 36 sticky note colors and a color picker, you can differentiate ideas and dynamically design projects. Plus, new Collaborator Colors assign different colors to each team member, so you can easily identify each individual’s contributions. With 33 colors available, pick your favorite shade and start doing your best work!

Dynamic Table

Dynamic Tables provide a brand-new way to bridge the gap between great ideas and actionable next steps! Gather a variety of shapes, sticky notes, and Lucid Cards and organize them however makes sense to better understand brainstormed ideas, derive meaning and insights, plan your work visually, and then take action.

Offline mode

Now, even dodgy WiFi won’t stop you from doing your best work. With offline editing in Lucid, you can work on products while not connected to the internet. Your browser will store the changes you make and then will sync and save the changes once you reconnect. Just make sure you leave your document and browser open until then.


If you’ve collaborated on a board with a large team, it can be difficult to remember who contributed what. But Lucid’s new authors feature takes care of that. Now you have the option of displaying the name of a sticky note’s creator in the bottom-right corner of each sticky for additional context. All you have to do is toggle the option on and off as needed.

Microsoft 365 

Bring your spreadsheets, slideshows, and documents to life by pairing them with Lucidspark. Now you can integrate Lucidspark with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to add context to your documents, align teams, and improve cross-functional understanding. Plus, by adding Lucidspark boards to your Microsoft documents, you can add color, break down complex subjects, and improve clarity and understanding.

Lucidspark + Google Meet all-in-one

Make meetings more engaging and collaborative with Lucidspark + Google Meet all-in-one devices! Bring your working group to the proverbial table, get everyone on the same page, leverage features for facilitation and collaboration, and automatically document ideas and next steps. Now you can access Lucidspark’s virtual whiteboard on Board 65 and Desk 27 devices for increased engagement and more productive (and fun!) meetings.

Lucid Cards integrations

This year we released several integrations for Lucid Cards, including Google Sheets,, Trello, ClickUp, and Airtable.

Consolidate your tech stack and bring together your favorite platforms to more easily collaborate and visualize projects.

Confluence integration

Now you can import your Lucidspark boards into the Confluence Cloud. Plus, boost engagement by embedding linked content and media. You can embed many different types of content, including media from other websites, files from your Google Workspace, and other Lucid documents.

API integrations

Looking for something custom for your workflow? Unlock the power of visual collaboration for your organization by building powerful integrations with Lucid’s APIs to expand the capacity and functionality of your workflow. In 2023, we released five new APIs: External embeds, internal embeds, cards, data syncing, and shape libraries. Through these new APIs, we’ve released many dynamic integrations, with more on the way!

80+ new templates

And if all of that wasn’t enough, we released over 80 new templates to kickstart your projects and help you visually organize your work. Some of our most-used new templates include:

Task planning with Airtable 

Easily create and track project tasks using Airtable and Lucid Cards.

Task planning with Airtable template (click to use template)

Sprint planning

Kick off your next sprint with our dynamic sprint planning template!

Sprint planning template (click to use template)

Team alignment

Come together as a team to visually align on objectives, clarify goals and resources, and reduce risks before starting a project.

Team alignment template (click to use template)

Project proposal

Create and present a project proposal that will impress your clients, team, or management.

Project proposal template (click to use template)

Happy New Year!

From all of us to you, Happy New Year! We look forward to an amazing 2024!

Jump into Lucidspark to try out the new offerings for yourself.

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