How to host a successful sprint review in Lucidspark [+course]

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Does your team follow the Scrum method? Are you looking to make your Scrum events more efficient and effective? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will break down some of the content from our Lucid Training Labs course, “Sprint review guide.” You’ll learn what a sprint review is, how to host one in Lucidspark, and how to document it. To get all the juicy details though, be sure to sign up for the course. 

What is a sprint review?

A sprint review is an event that is part of the Scrum framework. The framework has five events: Sprint planning, sprint, daily Scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective. The sprint review is a meeting held at the end of each sprint. During the sprint review, the Scrum team demonstrates the outcomes of the sprint to stakeholders. This is a time for the team to receive feedback and adapt the product backlog accordingly.

Tips for preparing your board

Let’s review some helpful tips for prepping for the sprint review.

Getting started

We recommend starting with our sprint review template in Lucidspark. Pay special attention to the top of the template, where you can describe the meeting agenda, goals, and meeting norms. Add your company branding like logos and colors, to give your board a polished look. Use Paths to guide stakeholders through your board without missing a beat. 

Fill out your board

Having your board filled out ahead of the meeting will ensure a smooth session. Focus on editing the title and content of each Frame based on the needs of your team. The Frames included in the template are the meeting agenda, sprint review feedback, goals, meeting norms, deliverables, deliverable questions and feedback, parking lot, and closing. Need more Frames? Simply duplicate your Frames as needed for additional presentation space. Briefly cover each of the tips in this section in small subsections

Use breakout boards

Once you’ve customized the template to your liking, copy the blank sprint review Frames from the main board and paste them into a breakout board. From there, rename the Breakout Board with the current sprint dates. Use a new breakout board for each sprint review while keeping a record of past meetings. This also saves you time when setting up a new Breakout Board.

Pro tip: Make sure you edit the Breakout Board for the upcoming sprint review, not the main board.

Share with collaborators

Share the upcoming sprint review Breakout Board with the team and invite each team member to add their contributions. To drop stakeholders and collaborators into the first Frame of the meeting, share using the direct Path link. This helps eliminate confusion about how to navigate the board and provides clear direction throughout the sprint review. 

Go time: Tips for facilitators

If you’re the facilitator for this meeting, make sure you select “Make me a facilitator” at the start of your meeting. This gives you access to Facilitator Tools and Controls, like using the laser pointer, timer, and “Take the lead” throughout your sprint review. 

As people join the meeting, share the Path link in the chat. This will help participants stay focused on specific parts of the board without getting confused. 

Great! Now you’re ready to begin your meeting!

Start by discussing the agenda and meeting norms, then move through your Frames using the Path. As you move through the board, encourage participants to leave sticky notes using their designated Collaborator Color in the “Questions and feedback” frame. Select a sticky note to address with the group at the end of each demo and lead them through a discussion.

Pro tip: After you’ve chosen a sticky note to address, encourage collaborators and stakeholders to react to other questions with emojis. This way, you can see which questions have the most interest.

Sprint review documentation

So, you had a great sprint review. Now, it’s time to document what was discussed. 

The first step to documenting feedback is to organize sticky notes. There are a few ways to do this. You can organize them manually, use arrows to connect related ideas or use Collaborative AI to summarize the notes in each section of the board.

Next, assess the product backlog and tweak it based on the feedback from the sprint review. Once everything looks good to go, save your sprint review board to your Team Space for visibility and easy access. Simply copy and paste a link to the document in your Team Space for next time.

You’re well on your way to hosting a stellar sprint review meeting.

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