Lucidspark template roundup: February 2024

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No matter what the weather says, we’re constantly dealing with flurries…of new Lucidspark templates. Raging storms of organization, if you will. Veritable blizzards of creativity. And while we could keep the tempests to ourselves, it’s only fair to spread them far and wide so you don’t miss a single chance to optimize your data and gear up for the rest of the year.

Don’t forget our template roundups are released once a month, so check back soon for the next batch of tantalizing Lucidspark templates.

Smart annual monthly budget

If the idea of budgeting seems like a bad time, then the smart annual monthly budget template is for you. Gone are the days of manually inputting line items and trying to figure out why there’s a discrepancy between your bank account and your spreadsheet. This template turns budgeting into a visual affair, showing where your money’s actually going and giving you instant understanding of how to scrimp and where to splurge. Now, the only breakdown you’ll be having is a budget breakdown. 

Anual monthly budget (click on image to edit)

Smart competitive brainstorm

We’ve been trying for some time to merge the thrill of medieval jousting with brainstorming sessions, and this competitive brainstorm template fits the bill without having to buy every member of marketing a custom suit of armor. Just add a topic, choose a maximum number of ideas, then allow your teams to get to work. A little pressure goes a long way towards coaxing some great ideas out of your team. 


Smart competitive brainstorm template (click on image to edit)

Smart sprint planning

Sprint planning can be quite the balancing act—finding the right number of projects for your team while keeping below the upper capacity. Instead of making your sprint planning meetings a math exercise, this smart sprint planning template does all the work for you. Just drag tasks into each frame, and the sheet will tell you how much capacity you have left. You’ll be able to focus more on realistic tasks and timeframes and less on quickly adding and subtracting points.


Smart sprint planning (click on image to edit)

Research repository

Every business runs into a research issue. It’s likely that the research you’re looking for has already been done, but no one seems able to find it. That means time lost pinging shareholders, looking through old files, and—even worse—wasting resources conducting the same experiments because the original results were lost. The research repository template keeps research and findings in one place. You’ll have a place to input scannable findings and also have a document that can be used in onboarding and as an artifact moving forward.


Research repository (click on image to edit)

Capacity planner

The new quarter is just around the corner, and you’ve got a ton of exciting new projects to work on. Before you can get to work prioritizing those projects, though, you need a way to translate them into tasks that can be easily assigned to your team. This capacity planner template guides you through the process of breaking projects into tasks so that you can see at a glance what’s required and what’s possible.


Capacity planner (click on image to edit)

Quarterly business review

It’s one thing to think your sales team is doing well and quite another to have the numbers to prove it. Our quarterly business review template puts everything into context, from sales numbers to deals in the pipeline. When your team sees it all laid out, they can develop ideas for improvement. And guess what? There’s a spot for those ideas, too. It’s the sales improvement template you’ve been needing.


Quarterly business review (click on image to edit)

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