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  • Agile and project planning

The best Agile plans are built on a solid foundation of collaborative ideation. Before your team creates task lists, sprint plans, and project timelines, take the time to explore ideas and establish shared goals. Better yet, visualize those ideas and goals. 

This is where our latest integration comes in. With Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud, you can build roadmaps and customer journey maps to help your team visualize the work ahead. Import work items, organize cards on your Lucidspark board, and then map the details that will get your ideas across the finish line. 

Key integration features and functionality

Here are a few features of the Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud that will help you streamline your workflows and connect the dots between ideating, planning, and delivering. 

  • Import work items to Lucidspark: Simplify your visual planning by importing work items from Azure DevOps as cards on your Lucidspark board.
  • Convert Lucidspark shapes into work items: Transform ideas captured on sticky notes or shapes into Azure DevOps work items in bulk to save your team time and prevent duplicate work.
  • Create work items right in Lucidspark: Create new Azure DevOps work items directly on your Lucidspark board. 
  • Bilateral sync: Since the two platforms are connected, changes made in Azure DevOps or Lucidspark will be captured in real time in both apps.
  • Dynamic matrix: Add imported work items or new work item cards to a Dynamic Matrix and organize items by assignee, status, project, or item type. Easily adjust your view by pivoting on multiple axes, using filters, and moving cards around.

Plan your work and Agile processes visually 

The Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud integration makes it simple to turn ideas into tasks by helping teams visualize their ideas, decide on next steps, and shift into production mode.

First step: ideating as a team. Bring your team to a shared Lucidspark board and let the ideas flow. Capture thoughts on sticky notes and add freehand sketches when creativity strikes. Try setting a timer to keep everyone focused. Are you working with a large team? Assign Collaborator colors or turn on authors to keep track of each participant’s contributions. 

Next, organize all of your team’s ideas. Tag items by priority, lift, or category and then use our Gather and Sort features to automatically group ideas and spotlight patterns. Host a voting session and uncover which ideas your team is most excited about.

You can also Gather and Sort items to quickly map dependencies. It’s an easy way to identify bottlenecks, risks, and priorities. Connect cards with lines to identify key relationships and sequence your work effectively

Take your planning one step further by building customer journey maps and product roadmaps to ensure that the needs of your end users don’t get lost in the project planning details. 

Now you’re ready to build out your Azure DevOps work items. Review the results of your brainstorming session and pull out the best ideas. Automatically convert these into Azure DevOps work items such as user stories, issues, bugs, features, and epics. 

And if you get halfway into your workflow and realize you need to go back to the drawing board, simply take existing work items and transfer them into the flexible Lucidspark environment.  

Pro tip: Jump-start efficient Agile planning in Lucidspark with templates like a sprint retrospective, scrum board, and a product roadmap to reduce manual work, encourage collaboration, and organize ideas.

Keep teams in sync and aligned

Maintaining alignment across teams is critical to facilitating the quick, nimble workflows at the heart of Agile. When teammates aren’t in sync, it’s almost impossible to maintain efficiency and deliver finished products that are on spec and high-quality.  

Alignment happens in big and small ways. Start by adding teammates to specific cards so they know exactly what they are working on. When you’re ready to align on the big picture, huddle up around your roadmaps to review project status. Having a single source of truth will make it that much easier for your team to understand expectations, upcoming tasks, and how each person’s work contributes to the whole.   

Beyond keeping teams aligned, the Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps integration also ensures that you’re always working with up-to-date information. The two-way sync between Lucidspark and Azure DevOps means all changes made in one of the platforms are reflected in the other. No more duplicate work or entering the same information into multiple platforms.

Combine the flexibility of Lucidspark with the structured planning of Azure DevOps with our new Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud integration. Get integration details here and simplify your Agile workflows today. 

Lead your team across the finish line with Lucid Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud.  

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