Sprint retrospective template

Use this retrospective template at the end of your team sprint. Ask team members to reflect and contribute feedback to improve on your processes and future sprints.

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Sprint retrospective template

What is the sprint retrospective template?

There’s always an emphasis on iteration in any business. After all, no org wants to be stagnant—the aim is to improve constantly. But how to improve is a mystery that can be solved using a sprint retrospective.

During a sprint retrospective, team members review the recently completed sprint, discussing what went well, what could be improved, and what challenges they encountered. This collaborative discussion helps identify successful practices that should be sustained and provides areas for improvement that can be addressed in the upcoming sprints.

Without a sprint retrospective, you can easily repeat the same mistakes. And without a sprint retrospective template, it’s easy to conduct a less-than-productive retrospective. This template keeps insights in one place to reduce mistakes and keep improvements on the up and up.

Benefits of using the sprint retrospective meeting template

  • Easy to use and customizable to fit the needs of your team: Even if you’re new to conducting sprint retrospectives, the template walks you through each step and makes the experience a breeze.
  • Easy to share and collaborate on: Share with anyone in just a click. Use the template as a source of truth.
  • Align your team: Let everyone in on the insights gained during the retrospective to gain buy-in from stakeholders. Use as a reference to ensure suggested improvements are implemented from sprint to sprint.
  • How to use the sprint retrospective template in Lucidspark

    It’s easy to use the template in Lucidspark.

    1. Complete the fun Visual Activity to prepare everyone for the meeting.
    2. Review meeting norms, what went well, what you learned, and how to improve.
    3. Share via Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
    4. Have an interactive meeting with comments and a Voting session.
    5. Tag and Gather/Sort items to identify themes.

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