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Example of a WBS template

Break down projects into bite-sized chunks with our Work breakdown structure template

Are you tackling a large project with lots of moving parts? Large-scale projects often involve many tasks across multiple teams, which can quickly become overwhelming for team members. A good work breakdown structure can simplify the project in many ways.

When you start your project with a work breakdown structure, you’ll give everyone involved clear direction from the beginning. Team members can better visualize how their work fits into the overall puzzle–even if they work remotely.

As the project manager, you’ll also be able to quickly identify any potential roadblocks and correct those oversights before they become problematic.

Use the Work breakdown structure template in Lucidspark

Lucidspark makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of this structure with our Work breakdown structure template. Our template is easy to customize, replicate, and share according to your needs. Once you’ve added the template to your virtual whiteboard:

  1. Add the project name to the top box.
  2. Fill in the first row by breaking the project into categories. These categories can be based on the different teams contributing to the project or different areas of focus that the project will require.
  3. Proceed down each column and list tasks, preferably in the order they need to be accomplished.
  4. Tag specific team members or leave sticky notes to clarify assignments and ensure everyone is on the same page.

When you break your project into bite-sized pieces, you can more easily create actionable goals and measure progress. As the project progresses, you can convert your work breakdown structure into a product roadmap or timeline for added organization and efficiency.

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