Timeline template

Use this simple timeline template to visualize events within a period of time. Invite collaborators to keep your team aligned on important milestones.

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Timeline template

What a timeline is and why you should use one

A timeline is a simple linear graph that shows events in sequential order, whether those are important events in history or key milestones ahead of your next major feature release. Timelines are a great project planning tool that you can use to determine when significant tasks should be completed. With this visual, you can show how you’ve improved, provide historical context, use the past to predict the future (spooky!), and even show how your work is connected to something larger.

When to use a timeline template

Here are a few situations where our timeline template can come in handy:

  • Outline a project: Show the important milestones in a project in order.
  • Visualize an event: Timelines can be used to outline a number of events, such as the run of show for a user conference, the schedule for onboarding new team members, or tasks leading up to a company merger.
  • Plot important moments in your company’s history: How did you get from where you started to where you are now? By referring to past events, you may also be able to predict the timing for your current project.
  • Compare two or more projects side by side: Comparing milestones can help improve projects in the future.

How to use this simple timeline template in Lucidspark

1. Decide on your starting and stopping points and enter them at either end of the template. This will help keep your timeline from becoming too unwieldy.

2. At each point on the timeline, add a date and brief description of the project’s biggest milestones. Keep them in chronological order.

3. Copy the template to extend the timeframe if you have more milestones.

4. Stack timelines to show concurrent work. Showing two or more timelines side is great for comparing projects.

5. Share your timeline. Don’t keep it to yourself! All our templates are meant to be shared so it’s easy to let your entire team in on the plan.

6. Timelines are a simple but elegant way of displaying the order of events, and they’re a great way to both understand the past and plan for the future.

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