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Product strategy canvas example

What is the product strategy canvas template?

The product strategy canvas was created in partnership with Product School, the global leader in product management training and certification. Use this template to take the information you already know about your product strategy and turn it into an action plan.

Benefits of using the product strategy canvas template

Focus your product strategy with our canvas, then identify what actions you need to take next. Once you’ve determined how to achieve your goals, use the template to make a plan and follow through. The canvas helps you break the plan down into bite-sized tasks to account for every detail.

Additionally, the product strategy canvas template is easy to share and get buy-in or feedback from relevant stakeholders.

How to use the product strategy canvas template in Lucidspark

Begin by stating your vision for your product. Next, narrow down stakeholders, examine your competitors, and highlight what differentiators make your product unique from the other options on the market. Once you’ve determined this information, use it to identify a product vision goal and brainstorm how to achieve it.

Create action items with Lucid Cards and place these tasks on the timeline. This way, you’ll know what needs to be done and when, and you’ll be able to easily track your progress.

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Product School

Product School is the global leader in Product Management training and certification. We train Product Managers at all stages of their careers and entire Product teams within organizations to build amazing products.

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