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Objectives and key results example

What is the objectives and key results template?

Setting a company-wide objective is crucial for orienting your entire business—from warehouse to R&D teams—toward an agreed-upon goal that will ultimately impact the bottom line. That’s where the objectives and key results template comes in. This is a goal-setting canvas focused on OKRs that will help you articulate your company objective and the key results expected from all teams. This template was created in collaboration with Product School, the global leader in Product Management training and certification.

Benefits of using the objectives and key results template

There are many benefits of using this OKR template:

  • Set actionable goals: By setting objectives that can be measured and accomplished, your team can purposefully work toward the same goal.
  • Increase accountability: Set deadlines so your teams can prioritize and strategize around tasks.
  • Collaborate: Whether you’re working in person or remotely, this template helps your team work together more collaboratively. Use features like emoji reactions, voting, and commenting to make the template your own. That way, it can become a piece of living documentation for your team.
  • Customize to your use case: Drag and drop, rename, or add extra buckets to fit your teams.

How to use the objectives and key results template in Lucidspark

    Follow these instructions to use our free OKR template.

  1. State your company-wide objective.
  2. Brainstorm your team objective. Make sure it aligns well with the company objective.
  3. Choose three team objectives and list them in the containers.
  4. List about three key results for each objective. Make sure they’re specific and attainable!

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Product School

Product School is the global leader in Product Management training and certification. We train Product Managers at all stages of their careers and entire Product teams within organizations to build amazing products.

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