Feature market analysis

Outline your product features and how they compare to competitors.

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Feature market analysis example

Get a clear picture of the competition with comparative market analysis

To remain competitive in your market niche, you must stay aware of your competition and their strengths and weaknesses—and how their strengths and weaknesses compare to yours.

A market analysis can help. Created in partnership with Product School, the global leader in Product Management training and certification, our template helps your team identify the best ways to improve your product, outperform competitors, and satisfy customers.

Use the feature market analysis template in Lucidspark

The template is easy to customize and share with your team so that you can easily collaborate and gather feedback from stakeholders. To use the template:

  • Identify your product’s target consumer, market needs, roadblocks, and competitors
  • List your competitors on the top row of the table
  • Add a description, common features, and unique features for your product
  • Add a description, common features, and unique features for the comparable products of your top three competitors

Common features include product features that are shared across the industry, while unique features are what make each offering different from others.

As you move forward with your market analysis, you’ll see where your product may fall short, where you can make improvements, and what unique features you can promote. You’ll also have a valuable resource to easily share with relevant stakeholders.

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Product School is the global leader in Product Management training and certification. We train Product Managers at all stages of their careers and entire Product teams within organizations to build amazing products.

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