Lucidspark template roundup: September 2023

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It’s officially fall! Time for pumpkin spice, autumn leaves, and all things cozy. And, as always, a new season also means new Lucidspark templates!

In this article, we’ll explore all of the Lucidspark templates that were released in September. Level up your brainstorming sessions, strengthen your decision-making, and polish your presentations with these templates for teams of all kinds.

Don’t forget to check back in at the beginning of next month for more brand-new Lucidspark templates!

AI feature brainstorm

Ready for the next generation of brainstorming? Meet Collaborative AI. With this AI feature brainstorm template, you’ll kick off your feature brainstorm and easily find the big picture step by step. Use Collaborative AI to generate ideas, extend brainstorming sessions, uncover key themes, and rapidly summarize your latest working session.

Pro tip: Leverage Visual Activities to make better decisions in your brainstorming sessions.

AI feature brainstorm
AI feature brainstorm (click on image to modify online)

Weighted decision-making matrix

Hey decision-makers: This weighted decision-making matrix template will make your job easier. Use weighted criteria to make informed decisions about ideas, projects, or concepts, simplifying even the toughest decision you need to make. Compare the business value, costs, and risks of each option, then simply prioritize the choice with the highest final score!

Weighted decision-making matrix
Weighted decision-making matrix (click on image to modify online)

Presentation outline

Practice makes perfect, right? Plan for the perfect presentation with this new presentation outline template that allows you to break down your presentation step by step ahead of time. Create topics with sticky notes, then connect topics. Once you’ve organized your presentation visually, it will be easier to remember and convey.

Pro tip: Easily add branches to your presentation outline by dragging a line from a sticky and pressing enter.

Presentation outline
Presentation outline template (click onimage to modify online)

GE McKinsey matrix

This useful GE McKinsey matrix template will help you prioritize investments among different business units. Using helpful Lucidspark tools like sticky notes and Tables, compare competitive strength with industry attractiveness to determine where to invest. 

GE/McKinsey matrix
GE/McKinsey matrix template (click on image to modify online)

Current reality tree

Identify and understand the root cause of an undesirable effect with a current reality tree template. Create your own using sticky notes and lines to better visualize how different actions, individuals, or forces affect each other. As you do, you’ll also identify what needs to be changed for a better outcome.

Pro tip: Double-click the canvas to add a sticky note. Click enter while selecting a sticky to add one directly below, and click tab to add one horizontally.

Current reality tree
Current reality tree (click on image to modify online)
project kickoff meeting

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