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Lucidspark + Product School = A perfect product management pair

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Calling all product managers! 

We’re excited to announce a partnership between Lucidspark and Product School, the global leader in product management training and certification. Product School trains product managers at all stages of their careers and entire product teams within organizations to build amazing products. 

And now, you can benefit, too. Efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of a product using six brand-new product management templates available on Lucidspark and Product School. 

product manager templates

Here is a rundown of the offerings, available now:

1. Objectives and key results

Set and achieve goals more intentionally using OKRs (objectives and key results). This template guides your team in brainstorming dynamic team objectives. Then, you’ll break down key results for each objective to better understand what is required to meet your overall goals. 

Objectives and key results
Objectives and key results (click on image to modify online)

2. Feature market analysis

Market comparison is key to building a competitive product. Compare and contrast product features across competitors with our feature market analysis template. Explore different aspects of your product: target consumers, market needs, roadblocks, and competitors. Then, list common and unique features between competitors to better understand your target market and identify opportunities to strengthen your product’s value.

Feature market analysis template
Feature market analysis template (click on image to modify online)

3. Competitor analysis

Visualize how you compare to your competition with our competitor analysis template. Use the matrix to plot your company against your competitors, analyzing what niche your offering fits. The matrix framework allows you to see which products are most similar to yours so you can stay competitive in the market.


Competitor analysis template
Competitor analysis template (click on image to modify online)

4. Value proposition canvas

Position your product for success! Our value proposition canvas helps you explore customer jobs, pains, and gains. Then, identify your products and services, pain relievers, and gain creators. Compare the two visually to strengthen your messaging to target the right consumers.

Value proposition canvas
Value proposition canvas (click on image to modify online)

5. Product launch checklist

Ensure a strong product launch by visualizing every step of the process with our product launch checklist template. Prepare your launch strategy by identifying key aspects of your product and objectives. Brainstorm and plan action items, ensuring each element is covered. Then, utilize Lucid Cards to place each item on a timeline and create a launch plan.


Product launch checklist
Product launch checklist (click on image to modify online)

6. Product strategy canvas

Visually communicate your product strategy with stakeholders using our new product strategy canvas template. This framework will help you examine competitors, narrow down stakeholders, and highlight differentiators. Then, using those gathered insights, you’ll brainstorm and state a product vision goal. Finish your plan off with a timeline using Lucid Cards to break down the tasks required to meet your overall goal. 


Product strategy canvas
Product strategy canvas (click on image to modify online)
product manager templates

Explore these, and other templates, available in Product School’s ProductCon library of product management templates.

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