Lucid Smartsheet integration

Lucid Cards for Smartsheet: Ideation meets work management with our new integration

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  • Agile and project planning
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Nothing ruins a good project plan like a lack of team alignment. Whether that lack of alignment is because of poor communication, incomplete planning, or inefficient work processes, it can lead to delays and a mess of other issues. 

The solution? Visual task management to align your goals, your deadlines, and your team from day one of your project. 

The right visuals can benefit every stage of a project, from the very beginnings of project ideation and brainstorming to task tracking. An organized chart, graph, or table can condense and communicate project information more effectively than long-winded meetings or to-do lists. 

The best visual project management software combines collaboration and work management. In the past, this may have involved toggling between apps or sending documents back and forth, all the while losing time and risking lost information.

Lucidspark and Smartsheet have a better solution: Lucid Cards for Smartsheet.

Merge creative ideation with structured planning

Lucid Cards for Smartsheet offers you all of the ideation power of Lucidspark seamlessly integrated with the collaborative work management capabilities of Smartsheet. You’ll have the freedom to collaborate visually with your team and then turn those visuals into structured deliverables without ever opening a new browser tab. 

Why Lucidspark and Smartsheet?

Used by more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies, Smartsheet has been a go-to platform for enterprise customers since 2005. Smartsheet helps everyone stay on the same page, and makes it easy for every member of your organization to manage projects, automate workflows, and build flexible solutions to meet their needs. In short, it’s an ideal companion to Lucidspark’s brainstorming and ideation workspace. 

For years, Lucid and Smartsheet customers have requested an integration between the two platforms. Now, you can move effortlessly from your online whiteboard directly to detailed project planning and Agile project management. 

Key features and functionality

Lucid Cards for Smartsheet goes far beyond copying and pasting work from one window to another. Here are some of the features and functionality you and your team can take advantage of as you tackle your next project:

  1. Convert Lucidspark shapes into new Smartsheet rows: Our integration lets you convert Lucidspark shapes directly into Smartsheet rows, giving your data a smooth transition from your whiteboard to your sheet. 
  2. Import existing Smartsheet rows into Lucidspark: Bring your Smartsheet work into Lucidspark to quickly visualize and prioritize action items.
  3. Update fields in Lucidspark and Smartsheet with a bidirectional sync: With this capability, you’ll never have to worry about losing information between platforms. Easily update statuses, due dates, categories, and assignees in one application and it will automatically populate in the other.
  4. Use your Smartsheet account for authentication and setup: Get started in minutes using your Smartsheet account credentials—no extra downloads needed!
Lucidspark Smartsheet integration

How to take advantage of Lucid Cards for Smartsheet

Used individually, Lucidspark and Smartsheet both offer a wide range of uses. Integrating the two means you can combine features to create a tailored work experience across a broad spectrum of scenarios. 

Collaborate effectively: Our virtual whiteboard was built for collaboration. With this integration, you can collect infinite amounts of ideas, feedback, and project data, then move your crucial project information over to Smartsheet. There, you can organize it into actionable project plans for your entire team to see and interact with.

Work remotely: Lucid Cards for Smartsheet gives you all of the benefits of an in-person planning session without any of the hassle. With Lucidspark’s real-time updates, color-coded user identities, and infinite space to spread out and work, you won’t ever want to go back to your office whiteboard. Once your collaborators have access to your Smartsheet assets, you’ll be able to share and track important project progress across your entire team, no matter where you’re located. 

Turn brainstorms into plans: No other pair of applications can set your ideas in motion as quickly or as effortlessly. Gather virtually around your Lucidspark online whiteboard to share ideas as a team, then use Smartsheet to track your project from there. Turn your Lucidspark shapes into Smartsheet rows or add new rows directly from Lucidspark to minimize back-and-forth while you’re getting your plans off the ground. 

Align your team from beginning to end: Give your team the tools to stay aligned from the moment you begin brainstorming. With all of your project data accessible to your entire team you can ensure accountability and communication. Each new edit, task, and team communication is updated in real time, so you’ll never have to worry about information getting lost in the shuffle. 

Make Agile projects even more agile: Agile project management relies on efficient planning, active communication, and momentum. Lucid Cards for Smartsheet enhances all three. Take advantage of Smartsheet’s task tracking tools, calendar management, and document sharing as you and your team collaborate on Agile planning sessions, standups, and retrospectives.

Take your teamwork to the next level. Try Lucid Cards for Smartsheet today.

Lucidspark Smartsheet integration

Learn more about how to combine the ideation power of Lucid with the collaborative work management capabilities of Smartsheet.

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