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Lucidspark + Loom = Asynchronous collaboration dream team

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Asynchronous collaboration just got easier with our new Lucidspark and Loom integration. Now you can record a video with Loom, then embed or play it in your Lucidspark boards. 

Lucidspark is the virtual whiteboard that connects teams so they can bring their best ideas to life. Loom’s vision is to empower effective communication, wherever work happens. Using Loom and Lucidspark together to collaborate with clarity and confidence? That’s some powerful alchemy. 

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with this integration: 

Create better team alignment

By using Lucidspark and Loom together, you can ensure the full context of your message is conveyed to your team.

Use Loom to record videos and then embed them in Lucidspark, and feel confident that your ideas, tone of voice, and direction are communicated accurately to collaborators. This is useful for sharing important information like feedback, trainings, new ideas, and more with your remote or hybrid team.

Learn how to record a video with Loom for your Lucidspark board.

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Enable your Lucidspark boards to stand on their own 

With the added clarity of an embedded video, your Lucidspark boards can stand on their own—no follow-up emails or meetings needed.

Pair an embedded video with your brainstorming boards to give collaborators the context they need to keep a project moving forward. 

Add clarity to communication  

Effective asynchronous collaboration is critical to a hybrid workplace running smoothly. Combining the power of Lucidspark and Loom leads to more efficient collaboration—no matter where your team members are located. 

Now you and your team can share ideas and feedback as clearly as if you were in a meeting together—all within Lucidspark! Your team members can pick up work where you left off and vice versa, and ideas are never left to die on the vine.

Get more information about how Lucidspark and Loom work together.

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Get more information about how Lucidspark and Loom work together.

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