Introducing Dynamic Matrix: From brainstorming to project execution

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New feature alert! 

It’s no secret how important creativity and brainstorming are to employee engagement and general organizational success. However, once you and your team have brainstormed everything you can think of around a project, what comes next? 

Without clear insights and next steps, it’s easy to get stuck in the ideation zone. With our new Lucidspark feature, Dynamic Matrix, the gap between brainstorming and bringing an initiative to life is a challenge of the past. 

Bring projects across the finish line with Dynamic Matrix

To effectively turn your team’s best ideas into actionable next steps, use Dynamic Matrix to organize shapes in Lucidspark and get a pulse of common themes, tasks with similar timelines, popular ideas, and more. With Dynamic Matrix, you can quickly synthesize sticky notes, Lucidspark Cards, and shapes to start moving your work forward. 

We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to analyze brainstorms. One of the best parts of this feature is that there are several different ways your team can set up the Dynamic Matrix axes so you can visualize ideas in various ways. This makes project planning and forecasting more efficient than ever before. 

How does Dynamic Matrix help turn ideas into reality?

It’s easy to get stuck in a brainstorming mindset. With Dynamic Matrix, you can immediately gather insights and derive meaning from your brainstorm, saving your team a great deal of time during that synthesis phase. This means you’ll automatically be able to visually identify what next steps make the most sense for your team and the project at hand.

Benefits of using Dynamic Matrix to gather information include:

  • Increased transparency on project timelines and deliverables
  • Reduced errors and miscommunications
  • Clear insights on blockers and how to navigate them
  • Faster project planning and execution to meet customer needs

Complexity is the last thing you want when trying to derive meaning from data and insights. Luckily, Dynamic Matrix is incredibly easy to use. See it in action right here

To make this new feature even more powerful, we’ve identified some existing features in Lucidspark that you can use hand in hand with Dynamic Matrix. 

Lucidspark Cards

Lucidspark Cards make it easy to house project details so you can visually identify blockers, status, task owners, timing, and more—keeping transparency top of mind throughout a project. Dynamic Matrix makes it easy to visualize and organize Lucidspark Cards, even ones without data attached, to quickly synthesize brainstorms to actionable next steps.

lucidspark cards


Using the Timeline feature helps every person on a project stay accountable to their deliverables. And utilizing both Timelines and Dynamic Matrix will help leaders see the big picture while having clear expectations on when a project or initiative will be complete. 


Combining all of these features, you and your team can clearly synthesize ideas and data to move big ideas forward. Bringing innovative ideas to life to delight customers at the speed of light starts today.

Dynamic Matrix will help your teams stay agile and efficient as they synthesize ideas and data to bring projects across the finish line. With ever-changing customer needs, you can stay ahead and bring initiatives to life.


Try out Dynamic Matrix in this Lucidspark template today. 

Use the template

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