Lucidspark and CloudApp: A match made in hybrid workplace heaven

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Your team’s virtual collaboration is about to level up. We’re excited to announce an integration with CloudApp, the popular screen capture application. Now it’s easy to make and send screen recordings of your Lucidspark boards, reducing the hours spent in meetings and increasing your team’s overall productivity.

Let’s dive into some ways you’ll benefit from this new integration.

Easily align with collaborators

We know how hard it can be to align your asynchronous team on a complex project. Stakeholders, newbies, and tenured team members can quickly get on the same page with screen recordings. 

Plus, CloudApp allows users to narrate their screen captures. Narrated recordings easily direct viewers’ focus to the most important information on the board. This context enables diagrams to stand on their own, no conference call required. 

Increase your team’s efficiency

Hybrid work environments are here to stay. Simple tasks like reconvening after a vacation or scheduling a meeting become complicated when your team is working hundreds (or even thousands) of miles apart from each other. 

Add a screen capture to your Lucidspark board to create a singular, free-standing source of information for team members. Screen recordings provide employees with context and direction. Even if they were out of the office or missed a meeting, all they’ll need to do is review their team's Lucidspark board to quickly and confidently move forward with their work.

Communicate better at scale

Lengthy email chains are so 2019. At best, they provide a jumble of information; at worst, they’re a recipe for misconstrued information and confusion. 

Instead, send a screen capture to guarantee you’re communicating just what you intend to. Then invite your team to leave comments and enjoy real-time collaboration in the Lucidspark board. It’ll be just as effective as communicating together in person—but without the smell of your co-worker’s microwaved lunch.

How to screen capture with CloudApp

  1. Open the Lucidspark board you’re working in. (CloudApp also integrates with Lucidscale and Lucidchart.)
  2. Click the video icon in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select “CloudApp.”
  4. Set your preferred settings in the window that appears. You have the option to include a video or audio narration. 
  5. Select “Record screen.”
  6. Identify what you’d like to record. Choose from a Chrome tab, a specific viewer window, or the whole screen.
  7. Click “Share” to initiate the recording. A countdown will appear, signaling when to begin your narration.

After you finish your screen recording, you can place it directly in your Lucidspark board, so it’s impossible to miss.

Close the door on miscommunication for good

Regardless of where you’re working from, screen recordings bring your team together so you’re all on the same page. Embrace an age of faster and more efficient hybrid collaboration with CloudApp and Lucidspark.

Explore the possibilities with CloudApp and Lucidspark. 

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